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You Don’t Need Superpowers to Be a Kid’s Hero

You Don’t Need Superpowers to Be a Kid’s Hero
Leading a Hero-Building School Culture

First Edition

March 2020 | 208 pages | Corwin

Create a culture and climate that produces real heroes

The future of our schools depends on leaders who can foster every day heroism in others. This doesn’t require supernatural powers. It requires a willingness to be intentional in building heroes in our communities who are ready to get things done and take on the demands of the future.   

You Don’t Need Superpowers to Be a Kid’s Hero will help you create the climate that produces these heroes. Hero-building work will help you look deeply into your school culture and see yourself and your students and staff in a fresh, powerful way. Readers will find:

·         Training ideas for leadership teams

·         Instruments for gauging progress

·         Practical steps for building courage into practices

·         Practical strategies to help navigate the complexities of creating an extraordinary school

·         Hero-building stories from the field

Written with an inspiring tone, this book will empower school leaders to lead in a way that unleashes staff and students to be superheroes in their communities. 

Chapter 1 – Heroes In The Hallways

Principal Makes House Calls

Manufacturing Our Future

Telling Your School’s Story

Leading By Example

Culture Wins Out!

Reigniting The Spark

Authentic Leadership

Heroes Are Built

Hero Training

Chapter 2 – Look Deep Inside – See What Students And Staff Really Bring To School

The Invisible Backpack

A Culture Of Relationships

A Culture Of Resources

A Culture Of Interventions

A Culture Of Wisdom

Seeing The Invisible

Super Hearing And Dangerous Thoughts

Gap Kids

Hidden Strength

Hero Training

Chapter 3 – True To Life Leadership And Learning

Lies We Tell Ourselves And Believe

High Risk Means High Reward

Growth Challenge on FORWARD Rubric

Failure Is An Option

Hide Your Mistakes And Weaknesses

Front Runners Win




Innovation Is For Crazy People

Leaders Must Be The Loudest Voice

Hero Training

Chapter 4 – Unleash The Voice And Choice Of Students

Is Your Hearing Good?

School Reform Through Student Voice

Social Media And Student Voice

Letting Students Lead

Gauge Your Student Voice Level

Student Choice

School Showcase

Hero Training

Chapter 5 – Lead Like An Alien: Out Of This World Ideas To Produce Hero Students

Break Down Historical Barriers

Procrastinators Produce

Bells Are Barriers

Grades Matter Most

Repetition Is Wrong

Tradition Holds Us Down

Homework Helps

Think Differently

Hero Training

Chapter 6 – Build Resilience: Raise Your Grit Score


Perfection Before Action?

Public Praiser

This Too Will Pass

The Distractor

The Overbearing Octopus

Passive Resistance

Negative Self Talk

Hero Solutions For Students

Hero Training

Chapter 7 – Go Big Or Go Home: Empower Students To Be Global Game Changers!
Introduction: Shoes For Esperanza

Give A Hand

Kangaroo Cup

Saddle Innovation

Rain Garden

Ocean Cleanup

Think Big, Act Big

Expand Your View

Leading Big

Hero Training

Chapter 8 – Be Courageous: Risk It All For What’s Right
Introduction: Origin Stories

Super Courageous Fortitude

Courage To Be Authentic

Courage To Ask For Help

Courage To Be True

Courageous Conversations

Courage To Shatter The Status Quo

Hero Training


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