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What's Really Said in the Teachers' Lounge

What's Really Said in the Teachers' Lounge
Provocative Ideas About Cultures and Classrooms

May 1997 | 200 pages | Corwin
Jeffrey A Kottler states that multiculturalism has become so politically correct that authentic feelings and honest opinions are reserved and limited to the teachers' lounge. What is described as sensitivity to diversity is often transformed into a degree of caution in which people no longer say what they really think. In this book, Kottler presents an honest, intimate and provocative look at issues related to culture, and suggests ways in which teachers can make their classroom more vibrant and culturally responsive.
Your Culture Is Showing
Climate of Political Correctness
Just How Different Are We, Anyway?
Some Cultural Misunderstandings
with Richard Powell
Beauty and Grace in School Rituals
Teaching As If You Were an Anthropologist
with Ellen Kottler
Being and Doing Things Differently in the Classroom
with Gerald Monk
Narrative Approaches to Culture and Learning
with Elaine Jarchow
Internationalizing the Classroom
What Matters Most

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