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What It Means to Be a Principal

What It Means to Be a Principal
Your Guide to Leadership

August 2001 | 200 pages | Corwin
The purpose of this book is to help the reader make the important decision about whether or not you should pursue the principalship. Following an actual principal's first year, the chapters of this book present some of the most critical issues that you are likely to face as a principal. You will need to think about your personal values, exactly what types of jobs in educational administration appeal to you, and how you will personally define such major issues as the nature of administration and leadership. You will also be challenged to think how it will feel to be designated as the person with legal and formal authorityntrol of a school, and how you will deal with the inevitability of conflict as part of your life. Finally, you will be expected to review how you will cope with the fact that, as the leader of a public school, you will need to determine how to best serve the needs of a wide variety of actors who regularly seek control.
About the Author
1. Introduction to the Journey
2. Personal Philosophies to Guide Action
3. Building-Level Administrators
4. Superintendents and Central Office Administrators
5. Differing Views of Administration
6. Visions of Leadership
7. What It Means to Be in Charge
8. Conflict as Part of the Job
9. Who Runs the Schools?
10. Frustrations of Leadership
11. Keeping the Journey Alive

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Chapter 1: Introduction to the Journey

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