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Video in Teacher Learning

Video in Teacher Learning
Through Their Own Eyes

A Joint Publication with Learning Forward

200 pages | Corwin

Harness the power of video to promote reflective practice and teacher growth

Video is the only feedback method that allows educators to view their teaching through their own eyes, yet many K-12 professionals have yet to reap the benefits of this powerful technology. This practical and comprehensive guide takes advantage of new methods and tools to capture teaching and learning and a broad base of current research to impact teacher thinking and actions. Written for instructional coaches, administrators, supervisors, and individual teachers, it includes  

  • guidance on how to get started and how to engage in nonjudgmental and descriptive analysis
  • scaffolding to counter anxiety and resistance, and to cultivate a growth mindset.
  • chapters on specific contexts including developmental, evaluative, and problems of practice.
  • guidance for observation in specific grade bands and for specific student populations.
  • templates and links to videos for video analysis tasks, step-by-step process outlines, real-world vignettes and application questions.

Drawing on broad evidence of the impact of video on teaching, this is the guide for maximizing this powerful form of professional learning. 

Reference List: 20 Video Analysis of Teaching Tasks
Part 1. Laying the Groundwork for Powerful Use of Video in Teacher Learning
Chapter 1 Why video for teacher learning?  
Chapter 2 What observation skills need to be in place before I get started with video?  
Chapter 3 How can the way we communicate support learning with video?  
Chapter 4 What are the technical aspects of creating video recordings of teaching?  
Part 2. 20 Video Analysis Tasks: A Guide for Practice
Chapter 5 Video used to introduce classroom observation  
Chapter 6 Video used to explore problems of practice  
Chapter 7 Video used to build a shared professional vision  
Chapter 8 Video used in developmental feedback  
Chapter 9 Video used in evaluative feedback  
Chapter 10 Creating a Video Library of Teaching  
Final Thoughts: Video Analysis at Work  

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