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Conflicts and Resolutions

September 1996 | 80 pages | Corwin
"This book should be read by anyone who leads a school or district. Insightful, sensitive, and engaging . . . a must read for educators." Kent D. Peterson, Professor, Department of Educational Administration, University of Wisconsin Key elements of the debate over tracking along with real-life accounts of how tracking is working in schools. Five nationally known researchers and practitioners examine the practice and pitfalls of tracking and detracking students. Find out: * When and how detracking is most successful * How to avoid debates about tracking and focus on better curriculum and instruction * Racial/socioeconomic inequalities in tracked systems * How to ensure that academically students are not left floundering and that bright students are challenged This book is designed to stimulate provocative discussions in schools and districts as well as university level education courses. An accessible, clearly written book on one of the most complicated and controversial topics in American education today.
High-Quality Instruction for All
Adam Gamoran  
Tracking and American Culture
Reba Neukom Page  
Advocating for Inclusive Instruction
Anne Wheelock  
From Tracking to High-Quality Heterogeneous Instruction
Roger Genest  
Detracking with Democratic Values
Anna Hunderfund  

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