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"These Kids Are Out of Control"

"These Kids Are Out of Control"
Why We Must Reimagine "Classroom Management" for Equity

© 2019 | 200 pages | Corwin

Today’s classrooms reimagined

If you’re looking for a book on how to “control” your students, this isn’t it! Instead, this is a book on what classroom learning could be if we aspire to co-create more culturally responsive and equitable environments—environments that are safe, affirming, learner-centered, intellectually challenging, and engaging. If we create the kind of places where our students want to be . . . 

A critically important resource for teachers and administrators alike, “These Kids Are Out of Control” details the specific practices, tools, beliefs, dispositions, and mindsets that are essential to better serving the complex needs of our diverse learners, especially our marginalized students. Gain expert insight on: 

  • What it means to be culturally responsive in today’s classroom environments, even in schools at large
  • How to decide what to teach, understand the curriculum, build relationships in and outside of school, and assess student development and learning
  • The four best practices for building a classroom culture that is both nurturing and rigorous, and where all students are seen, heard, and respected
  • Alternatives to punitive disciplinary action that too often sustains the cradle-to-prison pipeline

Classroom “management” takes care of itself when you engage students, help them see links and alignment of the curriculum to their lives, build on and from student identity and culture, and recognize the many ways instructional practices can shift. “These Kids Are Out of Control” is your opportunity to get started right away!

About the Authors
Chapter 1. Understanding the Landscape of Classroom Management: A Look at Research, Theory, and Practice
Referral Practices, Congruence and Dissonance, and Systemic Barriers  
Classroom Management Is About Being Culturally Responsive  
Culturally Responsive Classroom Management  
Chapter 2. Connecting Classroom Management and the Cradle-to-Prison Pipeline
The Cradle-to-Prison Pipeline in the United States  
The Cradle-to-Prison Pipeline and Schools  
Root Causes and Contributors to the CTPP  
Connecting the Cradle-to-Prison Pipeline to Classroom Management  
Chapter 3. Classroom Management Is About Effective Instruction
Critical Reflective Practices  
High Student Engagement in Course Content  
Positive Framing  
Building a Classroom Community  
Final Thoughts: Effective Instruction Improves Classroom Management  
Chapter 4. Classroom Management Is About Creating a Caring Environment
Belief, Expectations, and Rigor  
Persistent Practices  
Partnership With Families and Communities  
Chapter 5. Classroom Management Is About Restorative Discipline
Restorative Discipline Is Rooted in Restorative Justice  
Methods of Restorative Discipline  
Implementing Restorative Discipline  
Restorative Discipline Improves Classroom Management  
Conclusions, Implications, and Recommendations
A Charge to Teacher Education  
A Charge to Researchers  
A Charge to Reformers  
A Charge to Teachers and Other Educators  
A Charge to Professional Development Facilitators  
Final Insights  

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