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The Word Study That Sticks Companion

The Word Study That Sticks Companion
Classroom-Ready Tools for Teachers and Students, Grades K-6

304 pages | Corwin

First Pamela Koutrakos delivered a systematic approach to inquiry-based, student-centered, and joyful word study in her book Word Study That Sticks. Now, in The Word Study That Sticks Companion, Koutrakos offers tools and resources to help teachers put those structures, lessons, and routines into action.

Loaded with teacher-facing resources such as planning and assessment tools, and student-facing tools such as reproducible minicharts, choice checklists, and self-assessments, The Word Study That Sticks Companion includes

  • Ready-to-go materials that greatly minimize the time teachers spend preparing, creating, and revamping word study lessons
  • More than 100 student-friendly, reproducible minicharts for student notebooks that summarize the routines in each area of word study and support robust word learning
  • Twenty brand-new word study lessons to extend the learning throughout the year and across content areas
    Ideas for word study notebooks and choice charts that give students ownership of daily practice 
  • Suggestions for replicating many routines and tools in a digital format
  • Customizable cycle schedules, checklists, look-fors, planning guides, record-keeping forms, and other tools that help teachers crystalize priorities, organize instruction, and adapt for all learners

The routines and resources here can be used within any curriculum, as they transcend any one program, philosophy, or approach to word study. The Word Study That Sticks Companion enables consistent, authentic, and independent word study practice in K–6 classrooms. 

With these materials in hand, students can take charge of their learning, and teachers gain more time for differentiated instruction. Discover what’s possible when you ditch word study worksheets and workbooks once and for all! 

Dear Teachers Letter  
Part 1: Launching Curious, Creative Word Study
Chapter 1: The Year Long Vision and Day-to-Day Behind the Routines
Chapter 2: Visual Tour of a Word Study Notebook and Kindergarten Choice Charts
Chapter 3: Resources to Lighten the Load
Part 2: Tools to Foster Engagement and Independence
Chapter 4: Meaning Routines
Chapter 5: Phonemic Awareness & Phonics Routines
Chapter 6: Spelling Pattern Routines
Chapter 7: Habit & Hybrid Routines
Chapter 8: Check In/Assessment Routines
Part 3: Extending Word Learning
Chapter 9: Connecting with Caregivers
Chapter 10: Bonus Lessons to Bolster Word Study Engagement and Success
Conclusion: Independent & Successful Word Study
Online Resources
Planning Templates  
Assessment Tools  
Choice Chart Icons & Tools  
Caregiver Communication Tools  

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