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The Process-Centered School

The Process-Centered School
Sustaining a Renaissance Community

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January 1997 | 264 pages | Corwin
School reform efforts in the United States during the last decade have tended to concentrate on issues including professionalizing teaching, site-based decision-making, increasing the school day and academic year, and national assessments. The curriculum has been only peripherally addressed. This book focuses on the curriculum, detailing steps that need to be taken to move from a traditional school system to a true learning organization.
Peter M Senge
Arthur L Costa and Rosemarie M Liebmann
Diane P Zimmerman
Constructing the Metaphors for Process
Alison Preece
Spreading the Good Word
Communicating with the School Community to Support Change

Laura Lipton and Robert Melamede
Organizational Learning
The Essential Journey

Michael Pennella
Designing Learning for a New Work Environment
Key Values and Skills

Fred H Wood
Staff Development
A Process Approach

Gloria A Slick
Preparing New Teachers
A Process Approach

Robert J Garmston and Bruce Wellman
Developing Adaptive Schools in a Quantum Universe
Arthur L Costa, William Baker, and Stanley Shalit
The Norms of Collaboration
Attaining Communicative Competence

Arthur L Costa and Robert J Garmston
The Process of Coaching
Mediating Growth toward Holonomy

Charles Lavaroni
Developing a Scoring Rubric for a Process School
Jospeh H Saban
Capturing the Spirit
Process Pervades the Organization

Rosemarie M Liebmann and Arthur L Costa
Searching for Evidence
Toward a Renaissance Community

Anthony Colella, Arthur L Costa, and Rosemarie M Liebmann
The Journey Begins

Lou Rubin
Afterword: The Essence
Process as Content


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