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The California ELD Standards Companion

The California ELD Standards Companion
Grades 6-8

Foreword by Laurie Olsen

February 2019 | 216 pages | Corwin

“This is an era of extraordinary promise and support for addressing the needs of California’s English learners. That’s why this book, The California ELD Standards Companion, is so important. It’s exactly the kind of bridge teachers need between standards and what it looks like in the classroom.”

—LAURIE OLSENStrategic Adviser,

 The Sobrato Early Academic  Language (SEAL) Initiative

Just for California teachers!

California teachers: you’re going to love this! Here at last is that single teaching resource for making the critical link between our ELD Standards and the CCSS ELA Standards. Standard by standard, you’ll quickly discover how to integrate language development into your day-to-day content instruction, armed with an insider’s understanding of how best to support our many English learners.

Modeled after Jim Burke’s Common Core series, this Grades 6-8 volume of The California ELD Standards Companion is every bit “that version of the standards you wish you had” because it’s just so easy to digest and apply. It’s all here:

  • Horizontal and vertical views reveal how each ELD Standard changes and progresses grade by grade and proficiency level by proficiency level.
  • What the Student Does Sections, also scannable by grade and proficiency level, unpack in student-friendly language what meeting a standard looks like in practice.
  • CCSS ELA Standards are displayed side by side with California’s ELD Standards so you can appreciate the purposeful alignment between the two as the basis for remodeling instructional practice.
  • What the Teacher Does Sections provide specific instructional guidance by grade band, including student prompts and tips for differentiation across proficiency level.
  • A dedicated vocabulary section offers a quick-reference glossary of key words and phrases as they are used within each ELD Standard.
  • Each section concludes with a vignette from the California ELA/ELD Framework to illustrate exemplary standards-based instruction.

Thanks to the ELD Standards, we are now free to teach our ELs the way we knew best all along: language and content taught hand in hand across the school day. Lean on Ivannia Soto and Linda Carstens’ California ELD Standards Companion as your one-stop guide for delivering that excellent education our ELs so deeply deserve.

Overall Introduction
Introduction for Part 1: Interacting in Meaningful Ways, Collaborative Standards 1 – 4
Standard 1. Exchanging information and ideas  
Standard 2. Interacting via written English  
Standard 3. Offering opinions  
Standard 4. Adapting language choices  
Introduction: Interpretative Standards 5 – 8
Standard 5. Listening actively  
Standard 6. Reading/viewing closely  
Standard 7. Evaluating language choices  
Standard 8. Analyzing language choices  
Introduction: Productive Standards 9 – 12
Standard 9. Presenting  
Standard 10. Composing/writing  
Standard 11. Supporting opinions  
Standard 12. Selecting language resources  
Introduction for Part 2: Learning About How English Works, Standards 1 – 2 (Structuring Cohesive Texts)
Standard 1. Understanding text structure  
Standard 2. Understanding cohesion  
Introduction Part 2: Standards 3 – 5 (Expanding & Enriching Ideas)
Standard 3. Using verbs and verb phrases  
Standard 4. Using nouns and noun phrases  
Standard 5. Modifying to add details  
Introduction for Part 2: Standards 6 – 7 (Connecting and Condensing Ideas)
Standard 6. Connecting ideas  
Standard 7. Condensing ideas  

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