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Staff Development Programs

Staff Development Programs
A Guide To Evaluation

August 1994 | 112 pages | Corwin
"Refreshing...this guide gives excellent step-by-step guidelines to accomplish the goals and purposes of any school system." Teck Penland, Ph.D. Deputy Director, Northwest Area Health Education Center Winston-Salem, NC Staff Development Programs: A Guide to Evaluation is a practical tool for today's principals, in-service coordinators, and staff development trainers, as well as teachers and counselors on evaluation teams. Author Terry Mullins explains how to select an evaluation team, outline its responsibilities, and specify and organize the tasks the team must accomplish. He also shows how to successfully implement the team's recommendations. In this hands-on guide, the latest volume in the Essential Tools for Educators series, Mullins provides details on how to design questionnaires, conduct interviews, coordinate focus groups, determine what information to collect, and analyze and interpret the data. Mullins records real-life examples in the "vignettes" that make up each chapter, creating a highly readable book full of strategies that can be applied to staff development programs immediately. This book is part of a seven-volume series for evaluating programs and services in today's K-12 schools. The "master plan" for this series is found in Evaluating School Programs: An Educator's Guide by James R. Sanders. It describes the steps involved in conducting the evaluation, including ways to focus the evaluation, identify specific evaluation questions, and collect, organize, analyze, and report the information. All volumes in the series, including this one, are designed to be mutually complementary and used in conjunction with Evaluating School Programs.
Vignette One
Evaluating Needs Assessment Activities  
Vignette Two
The Use of Staff Development Advisory Committees  
Vignette Three
Adult Learning Theory and the Staff Development Process  
Vignette Four
Evaluating Staff Development Workshops for At-Risk Students  
Vignette Five
Enhancing Multicultural Perspectives in a Private School  
Vignette Six
Evaluating Self-Esteem Workshops  

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