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Speak Softly & Carry Your Own Gym Key

Speak Softly & Carry Your Own Gym Key
A Female High School Principal's Guide to Survival

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School Management

January 1996 | 88 pages | Corwin
Women are currently being offered more leadership opportunities in educational administration. Writing from her own experience as a high school principal in the United States, Anna T Hicks explores a range of gender and equity issues. Her experiences and insights, though personal, have universal relevance.
Leonard O Pellicer
A Single Woman with Three Children
A Principal?

Free Advice and Other Throwaways
Gentle Wisdom and Other Collectibles
Small Minds Can't See the Big Picture
The Brotherhood
The World of Athletics

The Pom-Pom Wars
Taking Care of the Customers
Not My Kid!
Turf Issues and Other Explorations of Space
How Does Your Garden Grow?
Making the Grade
What Does It Take to Be Good Enough?

The District House Salad
Selected Fruits and Nuts in Season

Men, Women, and the Power Breakfast at the Cracker Barrel
From Whence Cometh My Help?
Who's Afraid of the Press?
The High School Principal as Parent
Upon Reflection
A Lady Knows When to Leave

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