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School Impact Process

Over three years, the Visible Learningplus School Impact Process applies the research of Professor John Hattie and uses a combination of workshops and evaluation to make the greatest impact school wide. With each year in the program, new concepts are introduced, allowing your school to inquire further, to develop plans for improvement, and to become self-evaluators capable of critically assessing teaching methods and adapting for success.


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 Evaluation & Assessment Services

Once your school has developed a plan for success, the unique Visible Learningplus tools are applied to help you to self-assess and achieve the results you desire. These tools include the Matrix, the School Capability Assessment, the Classroom Observation Tool, and the Mindframes Survey. Certified consultants support in-school impact coaches and leadership teams to gather and analyse assessment data to determine areas that need further guidance and development.

Seminars & Workshops 

As part of the program, you will also complete the two other Visible Learningplus series: the Foundation Series and the Inside Series. First, you will be introduced to the core knowledge of Visible Learning as well as to Profesor John Hattie's research and begin to apply your learnings to the classroom immediately. Then, leaders and teachers will discover how to provide effective feedback and use evidence-gathering tools to collect student voice and measure progress as you develop Visible Learners and support your school wide plan for student achievement.

Personalised Consulting and Impact Coaching

A certified Visible Learningplus consultant will be by your side to ensure that your school is successully implementing new knowledge and meeting student achievement goals. Additionally, an Impact Coach is chosen from within your school and is expertly trained through impact coaching workshops to support school leaders and classroom teachers during the program as they collect and analyse evidence to evaluate impact. These Impact Coaches are critical to the successful implementation and sustainability of the Visible Learningplus School Impact Process.


School Impact Process Milestones



Planning and Assessment

The first year of the School Impact Program is dedicated to building a foundation of Visible Learning Knowledge and planning for success. Personalised workshops and tools will guide you as you assess your school and develop an anction plan for achieving school wide goals. 





Building on the learning and achievement from the first year of the School Impact Program, in the second year you will implement your plan for increasing student progress and school wide student achievement. With the support of a Visible Learning consultant, you will immerse yourself into the application of Visible Learning knowledge in the classroom.  




Evaluation for Sustainability

In the thrid year, you will evaluate your success and ensure that Visible Learning is systematically embedded in your school processes and practices. You will complete personalised workshops that will assess your progress to ensure you are meeting your goals and that the new processes can be sustained after the program is complete 


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