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Right From the Start

Right From the Start
The Essential Guide to Implementing School Initiatives

Foreword by Douglas Fisher

May 2023 | 280 pages | Corwin

Finally, clear guidance on how to design programs that last

How many initiatives start with great fanfare only to end up accumulating dust on a shelf?  Right From the Start tackles this challenge head on by offering a reliable, evidence-based implementation process.  With upbeat clarity, this book examines the meaning of initiative, provides an intuitively sequenced structure and eagerly shares a vast array of tools. This is quite simply the book all veterans wish they had years ago.

Drawing on Marshall’s thousands of hours evaluating educational programs, this guidebook walks through the entire process of implementation, from needs assessment (more important than you think!) to evaluation—while providing strategies that yield predictable results. Organized to allow for reading cover to cover or to focus on a particular stage, the book includes

  • Tools for analysis so you can effectively determine where you are and what you need

  • Opportunities for self-assessment and reflection

  • "Tales from the field" to help you avoid pitfalls and glean best practices 

  • Discussion questions for professional learning communities

Every educator and policy maker has ideas and knows exactly what will improve their school.  That’s the easy part.  But does the solution really fit the need of the school? Do the school players have the commitment or readiness to venture forward? To get it right the first time, apply Marshall’s model of implementation in your school.

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About the Author
Foreword by Douglas Fisher
Introduction: If Any Outcome Will Do...
Part I: Getting Smart Through Needs Assessment
Chapter 1: Success Starts with Understanding Needs
Chapter 2: What's Going on Here: Barriers and Strengths
Chapter 3: The People
Chapter 4: The Organization
Chapter 5: Summing Up Barriers and Strengths
Chapter 6: Let's Get Smart
Chapter 7: Collecting Needs Assessment Data
Chapter 8: Coming Closer to Clarity: Summarizing Needs
Part I Wrap-Up: Linda's Needs in Focus
Part II: Designing and Launching the Initiative
Chapter 9: Designing the Initiative
Chapter 10: Your Solution: Leading Initiative Design
Chapter 11: Facts About Fidelity
Chapter 12: Mapping the Initiative to Your School or District
Chapter 13: The Initiative Plan
Chapter 14: Leading Implementation Action Planning
Chapter 15: Early Wins
Chapter 16: Leadership to Sustain and Promote Programs Over Time
Chapter 17: Advice for Scaling Programs
Part II Wrap-up: Lessons in Leadership, Inventing the Initiative
Part III: From Implementation to Impact
Chapter 18: Continuous Monitoring and Adjustment
Chapter 19: Program Evaluation Planning
Chapter 20: The Evaluation Plan
Chapter 21: Three Program Evaluation Models
Chapter 22: Developing Evaluation Questions
Chapter 23: Data Collection Decisions
Chapter 24: Lining Things Up: A Critical Point in Evaluation Planning
Chapter 25: Making Findings Persuasive and Actionable
Chapter 26: Making Results Useful
Part III Wrap-up: Initiative Impact
Epilogue: Looking Ahead

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