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Restructuring Around Standards

Restructuring Around Standards
A Practitioner's Guide to Design and Implementation

March 1998 | 144 pages | Corwin
There is much debate about and interest in the development of academic standards. However, there is little agreement on what the standards are, or even what the term `standards' represents. This book explains in clear language exactly what different experts mean by standards. The author then lays out a simple framework and step-by-step process to develop and implement standards for the students in schools.
What Do We Mean by Standards?
A Changing World and the Demand for Standards
`Framework for Excellence'
A Process of Standards Design and Implementation

Developing a Vision of Standards Through Stakeholder Involvement
Designing the Curriculum
Developing Content Standards
Identifying Benchmarks and Performance Indicators
Linking Curriculum with Comprehensive Assessment
Backward Mapping
Attending to Other Curriculum Details
Aligning Instruction
Leading a Standards-Based Organization

Foriska offers a 'how to' guide for identifying, designing, and structuring a school’s curriculum around significant educational standards. The volume proposes and describes a framework for designing academic standards and for refining them through a curriculum design process that is relevant for instruction.

R. C. Morris, State University of West Georgia
CHOICE, 1999

Restructuring Around Standards is an excellent resource book for the busy school administrator who needs clear and practical tips on standards reform. It helps make a complex task understandable.

Journal of Staff Development, Winter 2003

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