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Responsive Collaboration for IEP and 504 Teams

Responsive Collaboration for IEP and 504 Teams

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May 2022 | 352 pages | Corwin

Your guide to responsive collaboration

A responsive and collaborative approach meets the needs of students with disabilities in partnership with their families. Written to empower all members of the IEP or 504 team, this book guides educators and parents alike through the implementation of a responsive decision-making process on behalf of students. 

Learning disruption due to the pandemic has affected millions of students. This book offers practical tools for improving the fit between the learning profile of individual students and schooling. Responsive Collaboration for IEP and 504 Teams provides a framework that identifies opportunities to build connections between educators, establish relationships with service providers, strengthen school-family partnerships, address inequities, and develop student self-determination. Readers will find guidance on

  • Referral and eligibility determination
  • Individualized plan development
  • Responsive teaming over time
  • Other key practices related to responsive teaming, with links to implementation tools

Drawing on the principles of social justice and responsive practice, this is your guide to navigating the complexities of IEP and 504 Team meetings for the benefit of students, educators, and families.

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Why do we need responsive teams?
Chapter 3: Referring Students and Obtaining Parental Consent
Chapter 4: Evaluating Students and Determining Eligibility
Chapter 5: Developing the Plan and Determining Placement
Chapter 6: After the Team Meeting: Implementing the Plan and Monitoring Progress
Chapter 7: Additional Opportunities for Responsive Teaming: Re-evaluations, Independent Educational Evaluations, and Manifestation Determinations
Chapter 8: Leading Teams through Reviews and Changes in Eligibility
Chapter 9: Summary

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Responsive Collaboration

Responsive Collaboration

In this article published by The Greenfield Recorder, authors Albert Johnson-Mussad and Laurel Peltier discuss the meaning of "responsive collaboration" and how it can make a difference in the lives and education of students with special needs.

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Introduction to Responsive Collaboration for IEP and 504 Teams

Introduction to Responsive Collaboration for IEP and 504 Teams

In this introduction to Responsive Collaboration for IEP and 504 Teams, authors Albert Johnson-Mussad and Laurel Peltier discuss the various forces that impact IEP and 504 Teams and outline who this book is for and how it can help.

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"Teaming is essential to many aspects of special education, and when teams are not successful, it is the child who suffers. There is a great need for this book, which provides practical, down-to-earth ways of thinking about the IEP/504 process and making it work FOR kids."

Annika Barton
Douglas County School District, CO

"As an undergrad student first learning how to lead meetings, this would have been a valuable resource. It is also valuable for seasoned leaders to strengthen and become more cohesive with their teams."

Erin Schons
Children’s Home Society

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