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At Corwin we believe that collaborative partnerships with leading experts brings diverse perspectives, new thinking and challenges, as well as support to educators in translating evidence-based research into practical implementation.

Designed to energise teaching and learning, this series features thought provoking content and practical tips and strategies on topics of importance to all educators.

We hope that you enjoy reading these resources and that in some way they help you reflect on what you do as an educator and support ongoing implementation of quality practice to provide the best possible learning for all students in your care.


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Articles by John Hattie

John Hattie

New Normal of Learning_VL


Searching for Educational Gold

How do we know that what we do really works? In this collection of Gold Papers, John Hattie and Arran Hamilton discuss the critical questions and critiques of the Visible Learning™ research and provide a compass for finding “education gold” in student learning.

Read each of the Gold Papers to:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the research methodology behind the mindset and movement of Visible Learning
  • Hear from thought leaders about best practices for measuring your impact on student learning
  • Reflect on your own strategies and tools to learn how to get closer to the gold of what works best in education

visible learning

As Good as Gold?

Why We Focus on the
Wrong Drivers in

visible learning

Real Gold vs. Fool's Gold

The Visible Learning
Methodology for
Finding What Works
Best in Education

visible learning

Getting to G.O.L.D.

The Visible Learning
Approach to Unleashing
Education Improvement

John Hattie gold article

Not All That Glitters is Gold

Can Education Technology Finally Deliver?