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Mindframes of Leaders


What is evaluative thinking and why is it important for leaders to be experts in it? What does it actually look like in practice? How do you build a learning organisation where thinking and acting evaluatively is what leaders, teachers and students do every day as part of the learning process?

This course addresses all the above questions and you will leave with knowledge and skills to:

  • routinely think about reliability of evidence, assumptions and biases, points of view, magnitude of impact and a culture of evaluative thinking,
  • engage in intentional collaborative learning experiences to practice evaluative thinking and acting,
  • adapt a framework and supporting resources to enhance evaluative thinking for yourself and with those you lead.

Designed for school leadership teams - one school or a network of schools -  who want to develop a whole-school approach to effective interpretation and use of data and enhance collaborative expertise.

Preferred dates for the course can be negotiated within the   allocated times between modules.

Partner with us and tailor your learning experiences to meet your contextual needs.

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A variety of short-term professional learing events and resources to explore the content.

One year partnership with a tailored sequence of professional learning opportunities and job embedded applications. 

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