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Making systems theories work through an invitational framework

John S Young, Principal Clarkson Community High School

The purpose of this paper is to share theories of practice that have guided reform at Clarkson Community High School in Western Australia. 

Prof John Hattie’s work in Visible Learning (2009) has been essential underpinning for transformational change at Clarkson Community High School.

Hattie’s previous University of North Carolina colleague, Prof William Purkey, developed concepts of an Invitational Learning theory framework that are founded on democratic ethos, perceptual tradition, and self-concept theory.
Invitational Learning theory provides a simple and profound framework for how we communicate with each other and how we facilitate transformation at our school.

It is our belief that implementing Invitational Learning theory throughout every facet of our school has provided us with the best framework for success in re-culturing, re-structuring and re-timing of Clarkson Community High School.

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