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Keep It Real With PBL, Elementary

Keep It Real With PBL, Elementary
A Practical Guide for Planning Project-Based Learning

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160 pages | Corwin
Plan enriching Project-Based Learning experiences with ease! 

Is project-planning a project in and of itself? Does project-based learning (PBL) feel more like a pipe dream than a reality in your classroom? Dr. Jennifer Pieratt, a consultant and former teacher herself, knows just where you’re coming from. 

Developed from the author’s experience in the trenches of project-based learning over the past decade, this book will lead you through the planning process for an authentic PBL experience in a clear and efficient way. Project-based learning has been found to develop workforce readiness, innovation, and student achievement. In this book, the keys to implementing PBL effectively are explored in a simple, easy-to-use format. In addition to thought-provoking questions for journaling, readers will find a visually accessible style featuring
#realtalk soundbites that honor the challenges to implementing PBL
Tips and resources to support the project-planning process
Planning forms to guide you through planning your projects
Key terminology and acronyms in PBL
Exercises to help you reflect and process throughout your project plans

If mastering a PBL framework is on your list, prepare to cross it off with the help of this book!
Chapter 1: The What and Why of PBL
An Overview of Project-Based Learning  
PrBL vs. PBL  
Why PBL?  
What is HQPBL?  
But They Aren’t Ready!  
Chapter 2: The Role of the Teacher in PBL
Chapter 3: Brainstorming Project Ideas
Where to Look for Ideas  
Collaborative Brainstorming  
PBL Brainstorming Form  
Chapter 4: Planning for Your Year  
Big Picture and Big Ideas  
Make Content Connections  
Pacing Your Project  
Identify a Real Connection  
Is There Enough Juice for the Squeeze?  
Chapter 5: Planning With the End in Mind
Enduring Understandings  
Driving Questions  
Final Products  
Voice and Choice  
A Note About Differentiation  
Culminating Experience  
Chapter 6: Benchmarking Your Project
What is Benchmarking?  
Chapter 7: Assessment in PBL
Best Practices in Assessment Apply to PBL  
How to Build Your Project Rubric  
Formative Assessment in PBL  
FAQ: What’s Worth Assessing?  
Student Engagement in PBL Assessment  
Chapter 8: Planning Daily Learning
Create Your Project Calendar  
Managing the Project  
Daily Schedule  
Chapter 9: Launching Your Project
The Hook  
Knows/Need to Knows  
Project Guidelines  
Project Groups  
Home Communication  
Chapter 10: Next Steps
Prototype Your Project  
Seek Out Collegial Feedback  
Plan for Exhibiting Student Work  
Community Connections  
Scaling and Sustaining HQPBL  
Appendix A: Complete Project Plans
Appendix B: Blank Project Planning Templates
Appendix C: Teacher Toolbox


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