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It Even Happens in "Good" Schools

It Even Happens in "Good" Schools
Responding to Cultural Diversity in Today's Classrooms

May 2001 | 184 pages | Corwin

Foreword by Bob Algozzine
Afterword by Robert Rueda

"A distinct contribution to the field. It opens the eyes and minds of educators everywhere. Dr. Obiakor provides many opportunities for self-reflection, discussion, and learning from one another through actual cases, educating and re-educating teachers to be aware and accepting of students, no matter what their cultural, racial, linguistic, or socioeconomic differences."
Jill F. Bamber, Middle School Teacher, Special Educator
Clayton Academy
Clayton, MO

"An eye-opener for all educators, parents, and those concerned with the education of children, addressing issues of cultural diversity in today's classrooms. It provides a road map for success."
Eugenia O. Caulcrick-George, Interrelated Special Education Teacher
Dekalb County School System
Decatur, GA

"A well-written book that discusses an issue that has become more and more relevant to today's schools. It challenges readers to examine themselves and reflect on their personal practices and beliefs. As an administrator in a culturally diverse school district, I highly recommend this book for use with students in schools of education and in courses with teachers currently teaching."
C. Frederick-Stanley, Assistant Principal
Maryland Avenue School
Milwaukee, WI

"I find a lot of strengths in Dr. Obiakor's books . . . strengths that will help teachers and administrators revise and implement school curriculum for maximizing the academic potential of students in multicultural schools."
Michael Eskay, Teacher
Joyce Kilmer Elementary School
Chicago, IL

A road map for responding to cultural diversity in today's classrooms

A "good" school is a learning community that maximizes the potential of all its students, whether they are white, black, Hispanic, Asian, or Native American . . . and a school can't be a "good" school when some of its students are misidentified, misassessed, miscategorized, misplaced, and misinstructed because of cultural differences.

This insightful work offers case studies, observations, and solutions to the challenges presented by cultural diversity—a new approach that can bring excellence to all learners, all teachers, all parents, and all communities, including:

  • Redefinition of "good" schools
  • Assessment and accountability
  • Labels and categories
  • Placements and inclusions
  • Instructions and interventions
  • The "dream school" and the good school

"We cannot and should not define 'good' schools only from the perspective of student performance on standardized tests. A 'good' school should take a holistic approach to education, considering each student's need academically, socially, emotionally, culturally, and globally."

. . . and this is the practical, hard-hitting book that can make it happen.

About the Author
1. Redefining "Good" Schools
2. Classroom Identifications and Referrals
3. Classroom Assessments and Accountabilities
4. Classroom Labels and Categories
5. Classroom Placements and Inclusions
6. Classroom Instructions and Interventions
7. The Dream School: The Good School

Sample Materials & Chapters

Foreword by Bob Algozzine


Chapter 1: Redefining "Good" Schools

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