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How Feedback Works

How Feedback Works
A Playbook

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September 2022 | 240 pages | Corwin

Feedback keeps learning moving forward.

You have the power to improve everything about teaching and learning—through excellent feedback. Make it precise. Timely. Actionable. Feedback is absolutely necessary for learning, and is the one ingredient that, if missing, will hinder the learning process. In this Playbook, you will not only learn how to give effective feedback—but have abundant opportunities to practice this skill (and get feedback) as you learn.

Bestselling authors John Almarode, Douglas Fisher, and Nancy Frey brilliantly organize this resource into 16 modules on the 4 C’s of Feedback:

Care — create a culture in which teachers, students and leaders embrace feedback as a continuous loop of giving, receiving, and integrating suggestions

Credibility — know how to stoke relatability, dynamism, and trust—and avoid the three most common barriers to students’ acting on feedback

Clarity — align your learning goals, success criteria, and strategies so you gain the most useful evidence during learning from which to generate feedback.

Communication — give feedback with intention, by speaking to the task; or to the learner’s process, or to the learner’s ability to monitor their own progress.

Feedback is futile unless it motivates students to change their approach the next time, and still love learning. With the How Feedback Works: A Playbook you have the essential guide to ensuring students go-get their highest potential.

Part I: Setting the Foundations for How Feedback Works
Module 1: What is Feedback?
Module 2: What Does the Latest Research Say about Feedback?
Module 3: What Does the Feedback Process Look Like in Action?
Module 4: What are the Four Foundational Elements of Feedback?
Module 5: What are the Barriers to Giving, Receiving, and Integrating Feedback?
Part II: The 4 C’s: Care, Credibility, Clarity, and Communication
Module 6: What is the Role of Care in How Feedback Works?
Module 7: What is the Role of Credibility in How Feedback Works?
Module 8: How Important is Clarity in How Feedback Works?
Module 9: What is the Role of Evidence in How Feedback Works?
Module 10: What Role do Teacher and Student Noticing Play in How Feedback Works?
Module 11: What are the Similarities and Differences between the Four Types of Feedback?
Module 12: How Should Feedback be Communicated?
Module 13: How do Cues and Reinforcements Communicate Feedback?
Module 14: How Can Technology Communicate Feedback?
Module 15: How do Practice Tests Communicate Feedback?
Module 16: How can we Engage our Learners in Communicating Feedback?

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