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At Corwin, we have one objective: Helping Educators Make the Greatest Impact on Teaching and Learning. 
How can we help you make the greatest impact on teaching and learning? At Corwin, we offer a host of research informed, innovative and job-embedded professional learning services and books to support YOUR school improvement priorities. These services come in a variety of modalities and all have a relentless focus on improving student learning.


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Professional Learning Workshops
Our professional learning workshops are designed to harness the collaborative expertise and energy of educators to accelerate student learning. Research informed and evidence based, these workshops are available through a blended model of learning.
Professional Learning Events
At a Corwin event, expect a quality professional learning experience with ideas and tools that you can bring back to your schools and classrooms.
Stories of Impact: Case Studies
Schools across Australia and around the world use Visible Learning+ to create sustainable whole school change and impact student learning and progress.
Free Blog: Corwin Connect
Written by educators, for educators this is our forum for sharing the latest ideas, practices, research and publications through original articles across a range of topic areas.
Free Webinar: Corwin Webinar Series
With Corwin webinars you can interact directly with educations most influential authors and thought leaders. Engage at a time that best suits you with no cost or travel required!
Authored by experts on the topics most relevant to education our books are designed for hands-on and practical guidance. Titles include Visible Learning+, leadership, teaching and learning, equity, mathematics, literacy, assessment and coaching.

If you have questions regarding our Professional Learning workshops and how it can impact your students then please reach out. Our Education Improvement Advisors are looking forward to discussing and designing professional learning that has the greatest impact for your school. 

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