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Fostering Emotional Intelligence in K-8 Students

Fostering Emotional Intelligence in K-8 Students
Simple Strategies and Ready-To-Use Activities

July 2001 | 168 pages | Corwin
A fun and friendly way to bring Emotional Intelligence into your classroom! Elementary and middle school teachers can bring home all the benefits of Emotional Intelligence with this hands-on idea book, filled with exciting new ways to help every student be "people smart" as well as "book smart." The lively "how-to's" include games, projects, and activities that promote: - Cognizant awareness of self and others - Approval of self and others - Self-responsibility - Finding personal meaning - Valuing honesty and ethics .. and then goes a step farther, helping educators to integrate EI components into the day-to-day curriculum. It's perfect 'gateway' to Emotional Intelligence for K-8 instructors of all subjects!
About the Author
Part I: Is Emotional Intelligence Just One More Thing We Have to Teach?
1. Understanding Emotional Intelligence
2. Integrating Emotional Intelligence with Academic Skills
3. Teaching Emotional Intelligence
Part II: Components of Emotional Intelligence
4. Awareness of Self and Others
5. Approval of Self and Others
6. Mastering Self-Responsibility
7. Finding Personal Meaning
8. Valuing Honesty and Ethics
Part III: Incorporating Emotional Intelligence Into the Curriculum
9. EI Synthesis: Creating a Thematic Unit Around Emotional Intelligence
Appendix: Pre-and Post-Training Assessment of Emotional Intelligence
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"Gwen Doty has written a practical, usable, and timely book on a subject that can have tremendous impact on student achievement. Well worth the reading!"

Donna Walker Tileston, Ed.D.
Author of Ten Best Teaching Practices

"Doty's book is a useful, practical tool that raises a myriad of issues for those interested in exploring the relationship between emotional intelligence, empathy, pro-social behavior, and development."

Contemporary Psychology APA Review of Books, February 2003

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