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Flash Feedback [Grades 6-12]

Flash Feedback [Grades 6-12]
Responding to Student Writing Better and Faster – Without Burning Out

Foreword by Dave Stuart Jr.

192 pages | Corwin

In this new book, Matthew Johnson posits that with the right kind of feedback on student writing, teachers can not only save a lot of time and angst, but they can also establish relationships with students, help student writers use their strengths to overcome their weaknesses, and teach students to self-reflect and peer-coach for true revision – and growth. The chapters in the proposed book walk us through manageable, replicable strategies for giving feedback that actually teaches kids how to improve their writing.


Foreword by Dave Stuart Jr.
Chapter 1: Giving Strong Feedback in Less Time: The Efficiencies
Chapter 2: Giving More Feedback: The Best Practices
Chapter 3: Making Feedback Memorable: The Feedback Cycle
Chapter 4: Beyond the Text: Using Feedback to Cultivate Positive Mindsets and Beliefs
Chapter 5: Democratizing Feedback: Teaching Peer Response and Self Review

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ISBN: 9781544360492