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Fall Down 7 Times, Get Up 8

Fall Down 7 Times, Get Up 8
Teaching Kids to Succeed

  • Debbie Silver - Education Consultant, Keynote Speaker, and Author,

May 2012 | 240 pages | Corwin
In todayÆs educational setting there seems to be a universal call for student engagement. The topic of student motivation is foremost in almost every attempt at educational reform. Recent research on the topics of motivation, self-efficacy, attribution theory, implicit personality theory, goal orientation, and resiliency has provided new insights about the malleability of mindsets in learners. Appropriate challenges and feedback seem to be the key factors in determining whether a student gives up or perseveres towards an objective. This book is written for teachers, parents, and other student advocates who want to help students become autonomous, enthusiastic lifelong learners. The purpose of this book is to inform adults about motivational theory, and more importantly, to give them concrete, applicable guidelines along with specific examples about what to say and what not to say to learners. The title, Fall Down 7 Times, Get Up 8, implies that failure in not only a possibility, it is a very concrete way of gaining ground. The author aims to change the conversation from todayÆs ôFailure is not an option,ö to ôWe can utilize what seems to be failure as the next logical step towards oneÆs goals.ö Students need to be taught to view failure as a temporary ôglitchö and a step towards success rather than as a permanent state of being. In laymanÆs terms the author explains the research behind her ideas while offering down-to-earth, often humorous, real life examples.
Foreword by Carol Ann Tomlinson
About the Author
1. Self-Motivation - What Is It, and How Do We Use It to Empower Children?
Albert Bandura and Self-Efficacy

Motivation or Self-Motivation?

Try This

TUH-tuh-tuh-DAH! for Kids

Amy Chua, Author of Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother

Adults Need to Work in Tandem With Children's Motivation

Entitlement or Empowerment?

Sample Adult Statements

2. Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD)
Mastery Learning Experience

Lev Vygotsky and "Zone of Proximal Development"

3. Self-Regulation, Deliberate Practice, and Failure
Instant Gratification and Its Implications

Adults Modeling Self-Regulation

Ericsson's Deliberate Practice

Expertise and the Ten-Year Rule

Failure? There's an "App" for That

My Skating Rink Story

Helping Kids Deal With Failure

Adults Modeling Recovery Practices

4. Attribution Theory - Why Did I Succeed (or not)?
More on A Simplified Version of Attribution Theory

Learned Helplessness

Effective Feedback

The Littering Experiment

Rosenthal's Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

5. Mindset - The Key to Self-Motivation
Fixed Mindset/Growth Mindset

Taking the Joy From the Artist

Gifted Kids and Coping With Failure

Fostering a Growth Mindset in Children

Feedback That Changes Perspectives


6. What Do I Get for Doing It? (Examining Rewards)
My Parents and Rewards

My Love Affair With Rewards

My Aha Moment With Rewards

My Reward Fiasco

Varying Degrees of Rewards

Paul Chance, The Voice of Reason

Praise As a Reward

No More Stars, Stickers, or Trophies? Really?

Motivating Kids to Do Unexciting Tasks

Rewards as Affirmations


7. Autonomy, Time, and Flow

Optimal Learning Environment and Flow

8. Helping Students Stay Motivated as They Get Older

Helping Older Children Cope With Failure

9. Inspiring Young Children
Wiped Out

Be Careful About Indirect Communication

Helping Kids Who Are Afraid

10. FAQs About Teaching Students to Be Successful
The Story of a Phoenix

Discussion Guide

"This book offers real-world, humorous examples of the guidance teachers give to students to help them achieve and overcome obstacles, joining together success factors and their theory and applications."

Midwest Book Review, September 2012

Reading Fall Down 7 Times, Get Up 8 was like a breath of fresh air. THIS I can use to inspire. THIS will give teachers practical ways to approach their students. I just counted 18 tabs now in my book—each marking a place I wanted to remember or share.”

Julianne Scullen, Board of Directors 2013-2016
International Reading Association

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