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Evidence Gathering Tools


Measure Growth 

How do you know that your time, energy, and resources are focused on what works best?  

Throughout your Visible Learning journey your school will learn to use various assessment tools to identify key areas of improvement. These evidence-gathering tools measure the actual and perceived extent to which high-impact practices are present in your school as well as the underpinning beliefs that have a dramatic effect on student learning and progress. The results from these assessments are then used to help you identify the key elements to focus on for a customised professional learning action plan.



   Evidence Gathering Tools   


When Do I Use Evidence Gathering Tools? 

These tools are all used during the Foundation Series to help you establish your baseline, and then are administered once per year during the School Impact Process.



Evidence Gathering Tools 

School Capability Assessment 

In-school consultant visit (face-to-face or virtual)

  • Determine the extent to which high-impact practices are present in your school.
  • A certified Visible Learning+ consultant will collect your data and present an unbiased, written baseline report to help you track progress and measure growth.
  • Given at the start of the Foundation Series professional learning and once a year during the School Impact Process. 

Mindframes Survey 

Questionnaire for staff 

  • Measure the extent to which the attitudes, dispositions, and beliefs of teachers and school leaders are aligned with the ten powerful mindframes that the Visible Learning research indicates are associated with accelerated student outcomes.
  • Administered online during the same time the school is going through the Foundation Series, and then once a year after that. 

Evidence into Action School Matrix 

Matrix for leadership team

  • This matrix helps answer this question: to what extent has your school ensured that systems focussed on the things that make the most difference?
  • Stage 1 is completed during the Evidence Into Action 1 session, where the leadership will consider whether they have the evidence needed to answer the question above.
  • Stage 2 is completed prior to the Evidence Into Action 2 session, after the school has gathered evidence which will be used to formulate a plan that outlines aspirations, focus areas, targets, knowledge and practices required, professional learning strategies and monitoring processes.


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