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2022 Corwin Calender

At a Corwin event, expect a quality professional learning and development experience and tools that you can bring back to your school. You’ll meet fellow educators who share your concerns, passion, and commitment to improving teaching and learning. You’ll exchange ideas with the top experts in the field. No matter what event you choose to attend, you’ll walk away with new strategies, ideas, and a larger network of like-minded individuals.


Date: September 12 & 13, 2022
Format: In-person (Sydney) and Virtual



The Corwin Team is excited to welcome back our community at the next Corwin Professional Learning Conference (CPLC2022)—set to take place in Sydney, Australia.
CPLC 2022, will be our  first in-person conference since the COVID–19 pandemic began. In addition, our conference will include a virtual experience especially for those unable to visit Sydney. We have designed the conference as follows.

•    12  September 2022: In-person and live virtual attendees
•    13  September 2022: In-person and live virtual attendees

Our theme for 2022: Making Learning Visible
…not by chance, but by design

The premise of MAKING LEARNING VISIBLE is simple yet profound: learning is best when you can see it.  Central to this conference is the exploration of ways to inspire a generation of learners who are their own teachers. When learners become their own teachers they know how to learn. They can self-reflect, self-monitor, self-evaluate and most importantly, self-regulate in an environment which creates and sustains powerful cultures of learning.

Designing learning in which all learners – students, teachers, and leaders – learn not by chance but by design is our core purpose.  So, this conference promises to be a vibrant forum with our community of educators, education professionals and leaders across the Asia-Pacific region. Attendees will leave with fresh ideas, best practices and tangible strategies for immediate implementation. 

Join us in exploring how to inspire the next generation of learners. 

The conference will include:

  • Keynotes: Keynotes will explore the latest research and provide fresh perspectives on the conference theme.
  • Master Classes: Presenters will engage attendees in interactive and in-depth sessions, providing opportunities for attendees to build skills that can be implemented in their local contexts.
  • Stories of Practice: Expert practitioners, who are  skilled implementers and innovators, will share real examples of how to translate the research into practice.



Term 2 events



Coaching for Learning Impact – BUNDLE



Date: Four Sessions with Sam Rodgers for 3 hours

27 April: 1pm  4pm AEST
10 May: 1pm  4pm AEST
24 May: 1pm  4pm AEST
9 June: 1pm  4pm AEST

Speakers: Sam Rodgers

Register for all four events in a bundle package.


Whether you are chatting with a colleague in the staffroom, contributing to a meeting discussion or conversing 1:1 with a teaching partner, coaching is about connecting with people, inspiring them to do their best, and helping them to grow. It is rooted in relationships and a belief that effective coaching conversations can magnify and multiply effective teaching and learning.  

This intensive Coaching for Learning Impact course is specifically designed to help you skillfully coach those you lead in the moment as a daily, informal action and as a way of ‘being’ with each other. Focused on effective coaching conversations, this course is designed around 4 big ideas, a coaching framework, and core skills.

This course has been deliberately designed to promote hybrid, job-embedded learning through a combination of virtual master classes and self-paced online learning.  Be part of highly engaging and practical 4 x 3hr virtual master classes facilitated by expert trainers. In between each master class, trial what you have learnt as you support the learning of others in your context. Be supported by your master class colleagues as you share, reflect, problem solve and collaborate in the online space in between the master classes.

Expect high engagement, challenge and lots of fun as you change the impact of your conversations on teaching and learning.

Leave these sessions with

  • A toolkit of practical strategies to be more curious and ‘coach like’ in your daily interactions to support moving learning forward
  • Specific coaching skills to draw on as you support those you lead
  • Inspiration to implement what you have been learning immediately into your practice 
  • Ideas for promoting a culture that focuses on growth and learning impact for all learners



Mindframe for Leaders

Mindframes of Leaders Who Think and Act Evaluatively

Date: April 28, 2022 
Time: 9am – 1pm AEST
Speakers: John Hattie & Maria Tsavaris
Format: VIRTUAL 

More Information & Registration Here 

Your mindframes—your internal beliefs about your role as a leader—determine the high-impact leadership practices you choose to implement. Building on over twenty-five years of Visible Learning research, thinking and acting evaluatively is core to mindframes of highly impactful leaders of learning.

So, what is evaluative thinking and why is it important? What does it actually look like in practice? How do you build a learning organisation where thinking and acting evaluatively is what leaders, teachers and students do every day as part of the learning process?

Leave these sessions with

  • Deeper knowledge of the mindframes of leaders who think and act evaluatively.
  • Practical ideas, strategies and resources to help strengthen your mindframes 
  • Practical examples of how to support the analysis and development of the mindframes of those you lead.



Stories of Implementing Visible Learning

Stories of Implementing Visible Learning
Real Educators, Real Schools, Real Experiences

Date: May 5, 2022 
Time: 3:30 – 4.15pm AEST

  • St Joseph's – Collaborative Learning For All
  • St Bernard's – Momentum – Six Years On


At Corwin, we know that educators love talking to other educators about what they do. 

Why did you decide? What’s working? What did you learn? 

This collaborative event is an opportunity to spend time doing just that! 

Hear first hand the experiences of educators who are on the Visible Learning journey.

Join one or pop into all via Zoom breakout spaces.

Bring your curiosity, questions and wonderings and leave with ideas and innovations from first hand experiences of quality implementation.


Visible Learning for Early Childhood

Visible Learning in Early Childhood  BUNDLE

Date: May 11, 2022 – Half Day
Time: 9am – 1pm AEST
Speakers: Kateri Thunder & Lyn Coote

Insights into Implementation – 90 min sessions 

1 June [4 – 5.30pm]: Mathematics Learning in Early Childhood
14 June [4 – 5.30pm]: Feedback for Visible Learning in Early Childhood
27 July [4 – 5.30pm]: Surface, Deep and Transfer learning in Early Childhood

Register for all four events in a bundle package or the half day event.


Early childhood is a uniquely sensitive time, when young learners are rapidly developing across multiple domains, including language and literacy, mathematics, and motor skills. Knowing which teaching strategies work best and when can have a significant impact on a child’s development and future success. 

During this session, together we will investigate the critical years between ages 3 and 8 and, backed by evidence from the Visible Learning® research, explore core strategies for learning success: working together as evaluators, setting high expectations, measuring learning with explicit success criteria, establishing developmentally appropriate levels of learning, viewing mistakes as opportunities, continually seeking feedback, and balancing surface, deep, and transfer learning. 

Join us to unpack the symbiotic relationship between these core strategies through 

  • Authentic examples of diverse learners and settings
  • Voices of teachers from the Australia, the US and UK
  • Exploring communicating clarity, tasks in multi-disciplinary playful learning, feedback and formative assessment

Leave this session with

  • A deeper understanding of  developing Visible Learners in early childhood settings.
  • Inspiration to make decisions about teaching and learning in early childhood informed by the Visible Learning research.
  • Ideas for communicating clarity, tasks in multi-disciplinary playful learning, formative assessment and effective feedback for learners and from learners that moves learning forward. 



Collective Equity

Collective Equity

Date: June 3, 2022 – Half Day
Time: 9am – 1pm AEST
Speakers: Nicole Law, Sonja Alexandra Hollins & Lyn Coote 


How do you collectively create communities that value and support everyone? How do you interrupt educational inequities in your school and classroom? What do you intentionally implement to transform communities into equitable spaces? 

Collective Equity is a shared responsibility for the social, cultural, academic, and emotional fortification of students that enables learners to achieve their goals and aspirations on their own terms. Equitable learning environments increase student engagement, accelerate achievement and ensure instructional excellence.  

This session explores a powerful model, rich in highly practical protocols, strategies and tools, for using relational trust, cultural humility, and appreciation of diverse perspectives to build learning communities that collectively uplift all students and all members of the learning community.

Join us to strengthen the extent to which your learning community makes collaborative decisions and acts to propel learning forward for all learners.

Leave this session with:

  • A deeper understanding of the  dynamics of equity and inequities in the learning community
  • Insights into the essential components of transformative equitable learning environments
  • Knowledge of the knowing and doing gaps in the design of equitable learning cultures
  • Protocols, strategies and tools for enacting deliberate processes that impact teaching, leading and learning practices for all in the community
  • Culturally fortifying practices for transforming learning communities into equitable spaces for all


Term 3 events



PLC+ Building Collaborative Expertise – BUNDLE

Date: August 24, 2022 – Half Day
Time: 9am – 1pm AEST
Speakers: Doug Fisher & Gilbert Halcrow

Insights into Implementation – 90 min sessions 

5 September [4 – 5.30pm]: Analysing data and checking for bias
12 September [4 – 5.30pm]: Walk throughs
17 October [4 – 5.30pm]: Habits of reflection

Register for all four events in a bundle package or the half day event.


What are the components of collaborative meetings that motivate and inspire you?

Are we really moving student learning forward because we shared our knowledge and skills with others in effective and impactful ways? How do we know? 

Do you make the most of this time together, or is it time you feel could be more effectively utilised?

Collaborative Expertise is when we harness the power of individual expertise. It is when we spend time focusing on student learning in a way that, with our colleagues, deepens and strengthens our own learning and practices.

Join us to find out about:

  • Leveraging Collaborative Expertise through impactful Professional Learning Communities
  • What Collaborative Expertise is and what it isn’t
  • Five powerful questions and four cross cutting values that build collaborative expertise
  • Tools and strategies to help determine if individually and collaboratively we are having an impact on student learning
  • Ways to reflect on and strengthen credibility with students and colleagues



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