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Educational Foundations
Updated Edition of Bestseller

Educational Foundations
An Anthology of Critical Readings

Fourth Edition
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Education Studies

September 2020 | 264 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Why teach? Who are today’s students? What makes a good teacher? Educational Foundations: An Anthology of Critical Readings aims to answer such questions by helping new and future teachers develop habits of critical reflection about schools and schooling before entering the classroom. Editors Alan S. Canestrari and Bruce A. Marlowe feature an array of provocative, engaging authors who, as teachers, principals, and policy shapers, provide the latest perspectives in the field. The thoroughly revised Fourth Edition features an array of bold new essays discussing today’s most relevant issues, including diversity, school safety, data in schools, and teacher strikes.
Part I: Why Teach?
Chapter 1: My Need to Teach
Chapter 2: Why Teach?
Chapter 3: Becoming a MISTER
Part II: Who Are Today's Students?
Chapter 4: Making the Most of the Classroom Mosaic: A Constructivist Approach to Embracing Student Diversity
Chapter 5: The Complexity of Labels: Considering Refugee Youth in the US
Chapter 6: Translanguaging to Teach toward Justice for Multilingual Students
Part III: What Makes a Good Teacher?
Chapter 7: On Stir-and-Serve Recipes for Teaching
Chapter 8: Psst…It Ain’t About the Tests: It’s Still About Great Teaching
Chapter 9: Rethinking Education as the Practice of Freedom: Paulo Freire and the Promise of Critical Pedagogy
Part IV: What Do Good Schools Look Like?
Chapter 10: Lockdowns, Detectors, Guards and Teachers with Guns?
Chapter 11: Success in East Harlem: How One Group of Teachers Built a School That Works
Chapter 12: How, and How Not To, Improve the Schools
Part V: How Should We Assess Student Learning?
Chapter 13: A Mania for Rubrics
Chapter 14: Grading: The Issue Is Not How but Why?
Chapter 15: The Data Pandemic: Rethinking the Supremacy of Measurement in Education
Part VI: How Does One Develop a Critical Voice?
Chapter 16: Teachers as Transformative Intellectuals
Chapter 17: Resistance and Courage: A Conversation with Deborah Meier
Chapter 18: From Silence to Dissent: Fostering Critical Voice
Part VII: How Do We Move Forward?
Chapter 19: Necessary Muddles: Children’s Language Learning in the Classroom
Chapter 20: The 2018 Wave of Teacher Strikes: A Turning Point Our Schools?
Chapter 21: Teachers as Social Justice Warriors: An Imperative for Meeting the Demands of the 21st Century

“Really good at raising important questions. Great jumping off points for in-depth class discussions.”

Kristan Morrison
Radford University

“Grounded in contemporary issues.”

Shannon Calderone
Washington State University

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