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Culturally Proficient Coaching

Culturally Proficient Coaching
Supporting Educators to Create Equitable Schools

Second Edition

December 2019 | 216 pages | Corwin

Why a new edition of Culturally Proficient Coaching? Why now, especially?

Because several polarizing years later, there’s even greater urgency for us all to critically examine our attitudes, beliefs, and practices when working with students who look or sound “different.” No matter how broadly you define coach, no matter which coaching model you follow, this is the resource to help you get started.  

With the first edition, the authors’ big goal was to shift our thinking in service of standards-based teaching and leading, and equitable interactions that support all students achieving at highest levels. Now, with this second edition, the authors add a third goal: to encourage a more holistic mindset and expanded contextual uses.

New features include:

  • Enhanced research on the effectiveness of coaching in educational settings
  • New data on response to implicit bias and microaggressions--subtle and unintentional, yet destructive, forms of discrimination that continue to marginalize
  • Refinement and updating of the Tools of Cultural Proficiency, which enable you to provide equitable life-affirming experiences to all cultural groups
  • Expanded models of Culturally Proficient Coaching Conversations
  • A special section on crafting Breakthrough Questions to shift entrenched mindsets and barriers to Cultural Proficiency  

By design, Culturally Proficient Coaching is an intentional, inside-out approach that mediates a person’s thinking toward values, beliefs, and behaviors that enable effective cross-cultural interactions and equitable learning environments. Here’s your opportunity to serve as that expert and trusted mediator, boosting educators' cultural confidence and consciousness, while honing their coaching skills.

"We owe it to ourselves and to our children to productively embrace and engage diversity, with all of its tensions, for the sustainability of humanity. These authors have given us the invitation, the road map, and the call to action. the embarkment is up to each one of us."

 --Carolyn M. McKanders, Director Emeritus
 Center for Adaptive Schools and Thinking Collaborative 

About the Authors
Part I. Blending the Cultural Proficiency and Cognitive Coaching Frameworks
Chapter 1. A developmental Approach for Culturally Proficient Coaches
Chapter 2. Key Concepts from Cognitive Coaching and Cultural Proficiency
Chapter 3. Understanding Self in Diverse Settings
Chapter 4. The Mental Model of Culturally Proficient Coaching (MMCPC)
Chapter 5. Mission View: A Context for Culturally Proficient Coaching
Part II. Integrating the Essential Elements of Cultura Proficiency with the States of Mind
Chapte 6. Assessing Cultural Knowledge
Chapter 7. Valuing Diversity
Chapter 8. Managing the Dynamics of Difference
Chapter 9. Adapting to Diversity
Chapter 10. Institutionalizing Cultural Knowledge
Part III. Applying and Sustaining Culturally Proficient Coaching
Chapter 11. Developing a Personal Action Plan for Culturally Proficient Coaching
Appendix A
Appendix B
Resource: Further Reading

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