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CCR Workshops

Professional Learning Options with CCR Workshops

The Five Access Points For Comprehending Complex Texts

Visible Learning Plus Symposiums

We are proud to partner with ACEL to bring you 3 exclusive Visible Learningplus symposiums in 2016. Join Professor Hattie and Deb Masters, Global Director of Visible Learningplus, to learn which practices have the most impact on student learning. You and your colleagues will come away with a toolbox of effective learning strategies that can be implemented in your school or classroom right away.

Participants will gain a deeper understanding of effective learning strategies. You will:

High-Impact Professional Learning

Your Systematic Pathway for Instructional Improvement

Learn more about how Jim Knight’s High-Impact Professional Learning program can help school leaders, coaches, and teachers implement a cycle of ongoing instructional improvement to ensure long-term success with any initiative you may have in place. Jim’s method? Focus on those over-arching practices that research proves have the greatest impact on teaching and learning.

About Us

At Corwin, we take pride that we are and always will be a fiercely independent family-owned business. Our stakeholders are learners all over the world: that’s whom we invest in; that’s whom we want to live rich, abundant lives through education. We love that being an independent, privately held company allows us to offer resources and services that come from a deep-welled vision about the purpose of education.

Better Conversations On-Site Workshops

Better Conversations Are at the Heart of All Learning

Conversation is the lifeblood of any school.  How powerful would it be, then, if everyone in a school improved how they demonstrated empathy, listened, connected, and found common ground with each other? These workshops reveal why and how true dialogue will improve professional performance, job satisfaction, and classroom instruction. The way we all communicate is that important!

Participate Jim Knight’s Better Conversations Workshops and: