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Collaborative Impact in the Northern Territory

ET Staff

Schools should always be looking for better ways to deliver education but that’s often easier said than done. It requires a process and it seems that the Visible Learning and Visible Teaching approaches are a powerful way of achieving real progress for teachers, students, leaders and systems.

Since its introduction to the Northern Territory’s Schools South Directorate in 2012 the Collaborative Impact Program (CIP), which provides a formalised method of establishing Visible Learning and Visible Teaching in schools, has been kicking goals, and they are seeing learner progress after two years.

Based on the research of Prof John Hattie, Prof Russell Bishop and others, the Collaborative Impact Program has gained a groundswell of support from teachers and leaders in the southern region of the NT, so much so that the program has now been adopted by Schools North which administers schools in the remainder of the Territory.

The program has been underpinned by ongoing research and appraisal of its progress and the results have indicated that it is a winner. This year marks the third impact cycle in Schools South and every one of the program’s stated goals have been met.

Visible LearningPlus, in a nutshell, seeks to establish a collaborative, communicative approach to every facet of education, from what is happening in the classroom through to the way teacher CPD and administration are approached, not to mention the encouragement of a positive language around schooling within the student’s home life.

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