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Collaborative Expertise

PLC Collaborative Expertise


    This professional learning is based on:
Five Essential Questions and Four Key Values

PLC Collaborative Expertise   

Corwin’s Collaborative Expertise provides a comprehensive method of engaging educators in a cycle of learning through inquiry. This practical and evidence-based framework, developed by Douglas Fisher and Nancy Frey supports:

•     Planning and implementation in support of student learning
•     Building of teacher agency over their learning
•     Cycles of assessment, reflection, and decisions that lead to greater impact
•     Monitoring collaborative impact on teacher and student learning

Building upon prevailing Professional Learning Communities (PLC) methodology, this framework is aimed at refreshing current collaborative structures, and helps support teachers’ decision-making in the context of individual and collective efficacy, expectations, equity, and the activation of their own learning. 


  • WHERE are we going?
  • WHERE are we now?
  • HOW do we move learning forward?
  • WHAT did we learn today?
  • WHO benefited and who did not?      


PLC Collaborative Expertise_Fisher         

PLC Collaborative Expertise

PLC structures were developed with the focus of ensuring that students learn. However, keeping student learning at the forefront requires that we also recognise the vital role that you play in the equation of teaching and learning. This means that collaboration must take on two additional challenges: maximising your individual expertise, while harnessing the power of the collaborative expertise you can develop with your peers. It is critical that we go beyond the examination of student learning and examine teacher learning as well.  


PLC Collaborative Expertise


PLC Collaborative Expertise

Partner with us and tailor your learning experiences to meet your contextual needs.
You choose the starting point for your pathway below, design your learning journey, the depth of content, the duration and the modality.  
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PLC Collaborative Expertise

 PLC Collaborative Expertise


OPTION 1: One School or Community of Schools
OPTION 2: Small Group 
You decide on how you would like to group
your participants for the day, for  example Year/Team
evels, Subject areas etc.
Each small group session is a minimum of 2.5 hours.
Content can be customised to the learning needs of each group                      

PLC Collaborative Expertise


• One hour virtual session each term
• Dialogue in small groups personalised to your questions and next steps
• Facilitated by an experienced consultant to support further learning and implementation

CLICK HERE if you would like our Education Improvement Advisors to be in touch with you to discuss how your learning pathway can be designed.



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