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Coaching for Learning Impact

Coaching for Learning Impact Framework


Coaching for Learning Impact Framework

This intensive Coaching for Learning Impact (CFLI) hybrid masterclass is specifically designed to help you skillfully coach those you lead in the moment as a daily, informal action and as a way of ‘being’ with each other. Focused on effective coaching conversations, this masterclass is designed around 4 big ideas:

1.    Coaching as a way of being, rather than something we ‘do’, to drive learning forward
2.    Making the most of a ‘coachable moment’
3.    Coaching, not advice giving: Why telling people what to do doesn’t work
4.    Scaling up coachable moments: Being coach-like in a team setting.

Designed for school leadership teams or whole school teams to strengthen coaching dispositions, coaching skills and collaborative processes for active partnership.

Preferred dates for the course can be negotiated within the allocated times between modules.

Partner with us and tailor your learning experiences to meet your contextual needs.

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A variety of short-term professional learing events and resources to explore the content.

One year partnership with a tailored sequence of professional learning opportunities and job embedded applications. 

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