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Complete Academic Language Mastery Series

Complete Academic Language Mastery Series

Edited by:

August 2016 | Corwin

Your ELLs’ and SELs’ bridge to more rigorous content 

“This series will be a valuable resource for all teachers of EL and SEL learners.” 

—PAULINE GIBBONS, Author of Scaffolding Language, Scaffolding Learning 

By now it’s a given: if we’re to help our ELLs and SELs access the rigorous demands of today’s content standards, we must explicitly teach the “code” that drives school success: academic language. Look no further for assistance than this much-anticipated series from Ivannia Soto, in which she invites field authorities to share every teacher’s need-to-know strategies on the four essential components of academic language:

  • Jeff Zwiers on conversational discourse in context
  • David and Yvonne Freeman on grammar and syntax in context
  • Margarita Calderon on vocabulary in context
  • Noma LeMoine on culture in context.

Select the book that best matches your immediate needs; each one is designed to stand alone. Better yet, read all four volumes as your start-to-finish instructional plan for closing the achievement gap once and for all.


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