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Why Give "Gifts" to the Gifted?

Why Give "Gifts" to the Gifted?
Investing in a National Resource

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Physical Impairments

March 1994 | 160 pages | Corwin
This provocative book argues that the educational opportunities given to gifted individuals are neither elitist nor undemocratic as critics charge. The author describes the types of giftedness, giving nine categories of options for enhancing the educational experiences of gifted students and explaining how these options can be modified to meet individual needs.
Educating the Gifted
A National Resource

Identifying the Gifted
The Gifted
Personal Qualities

The Underidentified Gifted
Fostering Giftedness
The Special Case of Gifted Females
Educational Options
Follow-up Studies

This was a very good book, but too expensive to add to the already large book list for this course.

Dr Kimberely Nettleton
Elementary Read Spec Ed Dept, Morehead State University
January 30, 2014

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