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What Every Teacher Should Know About Classroom Management and Discipline

What Every Teacher Should Know About Classroom Management and Discipline

October 2003 | 112 pages | Corwin
This is a guide for teachers who confront discipline problems in their classrooms, covering the root causes of most discipline problems and seven effective tools to prevent and/or minimize those problems. The book addresses differing cultural and socio-economic views on discipline; discipline modification to develop student self-directed behaviour; current brain research on the factors that contribute to off-task behaviour; and more.

Chapters cover:

moving from old-fashioned obedience models to effective student self-management skills; working with on-task and off-task behaviours: motivation, stress, flow, timing, environment, resources, and more; dealing with difficult students and difficult issues, including power, revenge, anger, and poverty; planning that facilitates positive behaviour; using cooperative learning skills; teaching social skills; using strategies for the self-system; focusing on metacognitive skills; a model for classroom management; vocabulary pre-test, post-test, and summary.

About the Author
Vocabulary Pre-Test

Vocabulary Pre-Test

Vocabulary Pre-Test

Vocabulary Pre-Test
1. Old Fashioned Discipline
2. The Basis for Off-task Behavior
3. Dealing With Difficult Students
4. Planning That Facilitates Positive Behavior
5. Using Cooperative Learning Skills as a Guide
6. A Model for Classroom Management
7. A Model for Classroom Management
Vocabulary Post-Test

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Chapter 1: Old-Fashioned Discipline

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