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The Privatization of Schooling

The Privatization of Schooling
A Powerful Way to Change Schools and Enhance Learning

June 1996 | 208 pages | Corwin
"Murphy has written a remarkably useful book--it sorts rhetoric from reality and organizes arguments and evidence in a manner which sheds considerable light." James W. Guthrie, Professor and Director Peabody Center for Educational Policy Vanderbilt University "Provides the only comprehensive analysis of the privatization movement and its implications for school reform. It's a must-read for anyone concerned about the future of education." Martha McCarthy, Chancellor Professor, Indiana University "Brings together decades of pertinent scholarship on privatization as a platform from which to study its applications to educational reform. It's an important book that sets the table for putting the theories into application." John M. McLaughlin, Editor, The Education Industry Report The author addresses these important issues: * Why educators are beginning to look to private management or providers for reforming their schools * What privatization means to American education * How privatization of schools will affect accountability and efficiency * What the possible legal ramifications are * What educators can learn from non-education-related businesses In this enlightening new book, Joseph Murphy offers a clear, unbiased look at school privatization. He clearly explains how and why American education is forming new, symbiotic relationships with private companies to better meet the needs of students. The author discusses the political and the economic aspects of privatization and explains how political efforts are helping increase acceptance of private providers. He includes lessons learned from the health care, transportation, and utilities industries to show how districts may be affected. If you want to know how privatization will affect your district or school, or if your district is moving toward private management of education, this book has information you need.
Setting the Stage
Defining Privatization
Historical Context of Privatization
Pressures for Change
Intellectual Underpinnings and Expected Benefits
Forces Fueling Privatization in Education

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