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Getting the Schools You Want

Getting the Schools You Want
A Step-by-Step Guide to Conducting Your Own Curriculum Management Audit

July 1997 | 160 pages | Corwin
Getting the Schools You Want is a step-by-step guide to school improvement through the use of a curriculum management audit. Use the practitioner-oriented framework, reproducible forms, and survey instruments to save time, prevent headaches, and get results. Curriculum management audits are powerful tools for improving schools and supporting systematic change. At the district level, the curriculum management audit process can provide you with the findings, insight, and recommendations to make meaningful change. Individual schools can also use the internal audit to measure schoolwide efforts and effectiveness. The curriculum audit is organized around five standards: control, objectives, connectivity and equity, assessment, and productivity. These standards are the same regardless of the size, location, community, or history of the district. The audit provides a guide to planning, a vehicle to communicate with staff and the community, and a proven process for improving student achievement. Use this guide to +
Larry Frase
Improving America's Schools
The Challenge to Change

Understanding What the Audit Is and Is Not
Role of the Auditor
Key Principles

Developing Audit Basics
Key Concepts

Creating a Rational District
The Control Standard

Knowing What Everyone Does
The Objectives Standard

Knowing How Everyone Is Doing
The Assessment Standard

Organizing What Everyone Does
The Connectivity and Equity Standard

Making Everything Count
The Productivity Standard

Writing the Audit
Findings and Recommendations

Political Implications of the Audit
After the Audit
What Now?


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