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Getting Out of Line

Getting Out of Line
A Guide for Teachers Redefining Themselves and Their Profession

  • Caren Black - Campbell Union School District, California

August 1997 | 112 pages | Corwin
"Inspirational stories, thought-provoking parables, memorable quotes . . . It's a book to read, ponder, and debate." Lois Bridges, The Galef Institute "I hope all teachers and administrators read, think, discuss-and then act on these ideas. They nurture greatness." Connie Muther, Consultant, Manchester, Connecticut "One of the clearest statements to date regarding the importance of professional collegiality as the cornerstone of school reform." Martin L. Krovetz, Professor of Educational Administration, San Jose State University Change begins with teachers. Here's a guide to redefining teachers' roles and suggestions for what teachers must do to facilitate lasting school change. Black offers ideas and suggestions to help you become a teacher who works toward change. She advocates changing attitides, classroom methodololies, curriculum, and professional growth even while retaining valuable teaching traditions. This book shows you how to: * Communicate with students and coworkers more effectively and assertively * Refine your approach and build new beliefs * Increase student responsibility for their own learning * Design projects that involve your students "All teachers should read this book. Very powerful." Joseph Chilton Pearce, Author of Magical Child, The Crack in the Cosmic Egg
Lois Bridges
Creating a Personal Approach to Change

Preparing to Live in a Different Reality
Overcoming the Culture of Powerlessness
Becoming the New Teacher
Viewing the New Teacher in Action
Embracing the New View

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