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The Eleven Commandments of Good Teaching
Updated Edition of Bestseller

The Eleven Commandments of Good Teaching

Third Edition
Edited by:

May 2009 | 128 pages | Corwin

"A book about the fearless joy, the common sense, and the B.S. detector necessary for good teaching. Brava!"
—Michelle Broussard, Assistant Professor
McNeese State University

"This book is a winner for anyone who loves teaching and who cares about helping students reach beyond expectations."
—Gayla LeMay, Teacher
Louise Radloff Middle School, Snellville, GA

Inspirational, invigorating advice from a veteran teacher!

Vickie Gill's time-tested wisdom and practical advice provides the insight teachers need to develop a dynamic, successful classroom. This third edition of her bestseller contains new material that helps teachers work with new technologies, evolving social climates, limited budgets, and standardized testing. Drawing on lessons learned from 21 joyous years of teaching, Gill illustrates each commandment with authentic classroom stories and concrete guidance for staying enthusiastic and committed to excellence. The suggestions show how to:

  • Ask for support from your principal or staff
  • Reach difficult-to-teach students
  • Choose your battles carefully
  • Maintain an open mind and a flexible attitude
  • Focus on why you became a teacher in the first place

Rediscover your profound joy for teaching, students, and what Gill calls "the greatest of all professions."

About the Author
1. Thou Shalt Have a Calling to Teach
2. Thou Shalt Demonstrate and Project the Joy of Learning
3. Thou Shalt Keep Your Eyes on the Prize
4. Thou Shalt Be Organized and Accountable
5. Thou Shalt Ask and Ye May Receive
6. Thou Shalt Be Fair and Prepared
7. Thou Shalt Use Some Common Sense
8. Thou Shalt Be Open-Minded and Flexible
9. Thou Shalt Not Work in Fear
10. Thou Shalt Raise Your Expectations
11. Thou Shalt Keep Things in Perspective
Suggested Reading

“With a voice that is wise and accessible and not without humor, Vickie Gill demystifies classroom management, offers tangible tips and advice, and helps reignite the joy and passion of teaching. Whether you are a new teacher just finding your way or an experienced one in need of a nudge, this little classic is required reading.”

Cynthia Carbone Ward, Retired Teacher
Author of How Writers Grow

“Vickie Gill has the uncanny ability to inspire and get the best out of just about any kind of student. She makes it about every individual kid, and the results are remarkable. Her insights should prove invaluable for any teacher wanting to improve his or her craft.”

Mark Terry, Parent of Former Student
Santa Ynez, CA

"This book is a personal testimony of teaching using passion, wisdom, and diligence, and of what a successful classroom looks like."

Karen Hayes, Associate Professor
University of Nebraska, Omaha

“The author’s use of personal experiences and how they impacted her teaching practice serve as a powerful model for readers’ own reflection and commitment to change.”

Karen Tichy, Associate Superintendent for Instruction
Catholic Education Office, Archdiocese of St. Louis, MO

“A book about the fearless joy, the common sense, and the B.S. detector necessary for good teaching. Brava!”

Michelle Broussard, Assistant Professor
McNeese State University

“This book is great for new teachers who are just starting out as well as veteran teachers who are determined to keep up with the ever-changing classroom. It is a winner for anyone who loves teaching and who cares about helping students reach beyond expectations.”

Gayla LeMay, Teacher
Louise Radloff Middle School, Snellville, GA

“This book is full of good, commonsense basics that apply not just to teaching but to life. Too often these practices are forgotten with the stresses of day-to-day living. Vickie Gill has an easy-to-read style that makes this book as much of a page-turner as any popular novel.”

Alexis Ludewig, K-5 Resource Teacher
St. Germain Elementary School, WI

The major changes between the second and third editions of The Eleven Commandments of Good Teaching are as follows:

1. Eight years later, I've updated the advice in this book to match what I'm currently doing in my classroom. I find that my overall approach to teaching still works; however, I have fine-tuned some of my classroom management techniques and revised teaching units to meet the ever-changing needs of my students, especially with slashed budgets and the dominance of standardized testing in our schools. For this third edition, I've also wrestled with the increasing presence of sophisticated technology in the classroom. We would be foolish to ignore these wonderful tools, but at the same time, the most intuitive "Smart Board" will never replace knowledgeable, passionate teachers who can inspire their students to master the skills that will be useful both inside and outside of the academic world.

2. The addition of inspirational and thought-provoking quotations about the art of teaching at the beginning of each chapter.

3. The addition of a detailed index at the end of the book.

4. The addition of a Suggested Reading list.

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