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Creating and Sustaining the Constructivist Classroom
Updated Edition of Bestseller

Creating and Sustaining the Constructivist Classroom

Second Edition

May 2005 | 168 pages | Corwin
Praise for the Original Edition:
"Lots of fresh ideas, along with some very helpful suggestions."
Pamela Galvani, Teacher Central Kitsap High School, Silverdale, Washington

Praise for the New Edition:
"Useful as the first version of their book was, Marlowe and Page's second edition is even better. It offers a rare blend of thoughtful critique, solid theory, and practical strategy."
Alfie Kohn, author of The Schools Our Children Deserve

Make constructivism work for you and your students!

Taking students from passive spoon-fed knowledge to creation and acquisition of real learning: It sounds terrific. But how do you do it? This book shows you how. In this updated and expanded second edition, Marlowe and Page use a larger and clearer format to bring together constructivist theory with step-by-step guidance to make constructivist learning a reality in your classroom.

Creating and Sustaining the Constructivist Classroom, Second Edition includes the firsthand experiences of practicing teachers to help you understand the challenges and rewards you can expect from constructivism. The teachers' stories along with guidance from the authors give you a solid foundation on which to build your own student-created learning classroom.

The authors provide:

  • Active learning examples to customize for any grade or classroom
  • Checklists to help you evaluate your starting point, progress, and goals
  • Expanded coverage of state and national content standards
  • Practical assistance with issues surrounding student assessment, differentiation, and the inclusive classroom
  • Ideas for involving parents and community members
  • Ways to implement technology into the mix
  • Strategies to help even beginning teachers implement constructivist principles
Stimulate your students' creativity, autonomy, and independent thinking. Help raise their self-esteem and confidence. Get their minds working on proactive ways to bring real-world learning into their schoolwork. Encourage your students to discover new ways to search for information, process what they find out, and translate it into meaningful knowledge for themselves.
Preface to the Second Edition
About the Authors
1. The Novice Teacher: Armed and Dangerous
2. Foundations of Constructivism: Forging a Way Back to the Future
3. What Do the Experts Say? Listening to the Research and Professional Teachers' Organizations
4. Self Assessment: Look Before, While, and After You Leap
5. Standards and Assessment: The Real Basics
6. Models: Getting Your Feet Wet
7. Diving In: Teachers Tell Their Stories
8. Technology in the Constructivist Classroom: Untangling the Web
9. Multiculturalism: Making the Most of the Classroom Mosaic
10. Inclusion: Why Special Education Isn't
11. Epilogue: Redemption and Bon Voyage
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Praise for the First Edition:

"Lots of fresh ideas, along with some very helpful suggestions."

Pamela Galvani, Teacher
Central Kitsap High School, Silverdale, Washington

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