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Coming Together as Readers

Coming Together as Readers
Building Literacy Teams

Second Edition

July 2007 | 224 pages | Corwin
Coming Together As Readers details the ways in which teachers, parents, and communities can collaborate in supporting efforts to develop students' literacy skills and optimize reading proficiency. Ogle draws on her experience as a teacher, professor, and former president of the International Reading Association to provide practical tools and classroom and leadership literacy practices for forging partnerships to build successful reading at all grade levels.

This resource also explains how to use university partnerships to help shape, inform, and support reading, as well as Web sites and tips for working with government and professional organizations.


- suggests ways to include parents

- provides protocols for teachers examining

student work together

- shows how teachers can share their own

personal reading with students

- new chapter looks at how to gain greatest

support from libraries and librarians

Foreword by Dorothy Strickland
Author's Foreword
About the Author
1. Beginning to Share Literacy
2. Teachers Working Together
3. Building a Literacy Community in the Classroom
4. Working Together With Students' Families
5. Working Together at the School Level
6. Collaborating With State Departments of Education by Eunice Greer
7. Working Together With Communities, Cultures, and the World

"This book is perfect for use by teachers and school administrators looking to bridge the reading gap between the school and community. The book has many useful and relevant suggestions."

Ken Schofield, Principal
Chaparral Elementary School, Phoenix, AZ

"I absolutely enjoyed the text. The studies and research-based decisions make the text valuable for schools that are working on their school improvement plans. This book could be used as a textbook for reading improvement!"

Lyndon Oswald, Principal
Sandcreek Middle School, Idaho Falls, ID

"The author holds background as not only a teacher and professor but also former president of the International Reading Association, and provides creative ideas for using university partnerships and family involvement alike to shape reading habits at all levels of education."

The Bookwatch, September 2007

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