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Beverly N. Parke

Dr. Beverly N. Parke is a member of the School of Education faculty at Indiana University Purdue University Ft. Wayne where she teaches courses in Special Education. Her primary research and writing emphasis is on program options for exceptional children.

Dr. Parke is the author of two books, Discovering Programs for Talent Development (Corwin Press, 2002) and Gifted Students in Regular Classrooms (Allyn & Bacon, 1989) as well as over thirty other publications and a software package. In addition, she has served as President of The Association for Gifted (CEC) and Editor of Journal for the Education of the Gifted. She is the recipient of the Certificate of Merit (1996), given for exemplary service to gifted child education from The Association for Gifted. Dr. Parke has served as a keynote speaker on gifted child education throughout the United States and Canada.

At this time, Dr. Parke is engaged in two research projects. One involves the outcomes of dual enrollment programs for high school students attending universities. The other looks at the effects of early childhood intervention programs on children at risk for success in kindergarten.

Dr. Parke is married to her husband of twenty-three years, Christopher, and is the mother of two daughters, Carlyn and Janna.