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About Us

At Corwin, we take pride that we are and always will be a fiercely independent family-owned business. Our stakeholders are learners all over the world: that’s whom we invest in; that’s whom we want to live rich, abundant lives through education. We love that being an independent, privately held company allows us to offer resources and services that come from a deep-welled vision about the purpose of education.

in 1991, on the eve of profound political, cultural, and social change, CEO David McCune challenged us at Corwin to dream, to dare, and to innovate. So dream, dare, and innovate. So ream, dare, and innovate we did, uickly establishing ourselves as the essential source of what works best, when, and for whom in education.

in 2015, Corwin Australia was born, continuing this legacy with a focus on providing schools structured, sustainable professional learning services that are evidence-based and practical. We partner with schools Australia-wide through our blended learning model, offering face to face and virtual facilitation, as well as self-paced online courses.

Our mantra: Every student learning—not by chance, but by design.

What does the future hold? More and more innovating in partnership with our authors, our consultants, and the educators we serve. Each learner, in Australia and further afield, deserves leaders and teachers who know their influence on students, and have the tools to evaluate their impact and evolve their instruction accordingly each and every day.

What We Believe

We believe that all children can learn and that all means ALL

We believe that knowing our impact is a privilege and a responsibility

We believe that education is the cornerstone of a just, stable, and thriving society

We believe in the fierce urgency of now - it is reflected daily in our work and our actions

We believe that every child deserves a great education, not by chance, but by design

We have one objective: To help educators make the greatest impact on teaching and learning. We offer a host of professional learning services to support school based, system wide, regional and state wide improvement priorities. These services come in a variety of modalities - they are research informed, innovative and are tangible approaches to professional learning solutions with a relentless focus on improving student learning. 

Partner with our highly qualified and experienced Corwin Australia professional learning team to begin your journey with us.