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Corwin Events

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At a Corwin event, expect a quality professional learning and development experience and tools that you can bring back to your school.

You’ll meet fellow educators who share your concerns, passion, and commitment to improving teaching and learning. You’ll exchange ideas with the top experts in the field. No matter what event you choose to attend, you’ll walk away with new strategies, ideas, and a larger network of like-minded individuals.

Upcoming Corwin Events

Making Literacy Visible Workshop

Brisbane, QLD      20th November 2017     

Making Literacy Visible Workshop         

Perth, WA     22nd November 2017     

Making Literacy Visible Workshop

Adelaide, SA
     24th November 2017     

Visible Learning Workshop

Brisbane, QLD 12th - 13th November 2018

Visible Learning Workshop

   Sydney, NSW  
  19th - 20th March 2018     

Local Conferences

ACEL 2018 Annual Conference  

   Melbourne, VIC   3rd-5th October 2018  

                        ACEL 2018 National Conference

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