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At a Corwin event, expect a quality professional learning and development experience and tools that you can bring back to your school. You’ll meet fellow educators who share your concerns, passion, and commitment to improving teaching and learning. You’ll exchange ideas with the top experts in the field. No matter what event you choose to attend, you’ll walk away with new strategies, ideas, and a larger network of like-minded individuals.

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DATE: AUGUST 9-11, 2021


GAINING MOMENTUM: Know, Act, Evaluate

In education, we have had a long history of accumulating and critiquing evidence, but right now is the time for more optimal ways of using and implementing ‘evidence’. Maybe the days of evidence are past and the days of implementing evidence are here – and the evidence of the success in using evidence is not as aplenty – from politicians, policy makers, to classroom teachers. But the momentum is here – the past decade has seen many more educators listening to research evidence to complement and sometimes question their in-school/class evidence. The time is ripe to know, act, evaluate.

KNOW: What works best, based on research and evidence, and understand what learners bring to the learning.

ACT: Design learning and implement effectively to ensure learners learn.

EVALUATE: Monitor progress and evaluate impact to answer the question - Did what educators do make a difference to the lives of the learners?

The 2021 Corwin Professional Learning Conference, Gaining Momentum: Know, Act, Evaluate, focuses on not only leveraging the most current research but also continually implementing evidence such that it actually has an impact on student learning.



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    Visible Learning for Mathematics

    Date: Tuesday 4 May, 2021
    Time: 9am - 3pm AEDT
    Format: Virtual 

    It’s not enough to know what strategies work best – it’s knowing WHEN those practices are best leveraged to maximise students’ ownership of their learning.

    Practical examples, insights and strategies to reflect on and use in your own practice is at the heart of this day. The focus will be on demonstrating how using the right approach at the right time can help you more intentionally design classroom experiences that hit the surface, deep, and transfer phases of learning. This session includes Visible Learning research, its connections to surface, deep, and transfer learning as it relates to mathematics, and the most impactful approaches to use in each stage of learning.

    Learning Outcomes

    Participants will go deeper into:

    • Investigating the principles of Visible Learning research to the mathematics classroom.
    • Exploring the three phases of learning and the unique importance of each: surface, deep, and transfer.
    • Learning which mathematics practices have the greatest impact on student growth (and which have the least) to maximise and strategise teaching time.
    • Considering how to strategise what practices to implement at the right time in a student’s learning, while keeping rigour in mind.


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    Visible Learning for Literacy

    Date: Thursday 13 May, 2021
    Time: 9am - 3pm AEDT
    Format: Virtual 

    Literacy educators have been in search of ‘what works’ for decades. When we look to the Visible Learning research, the answer is simple. Nearly all the things teachers do work when we ask what improves student achievement. But only a few things work at ensuring that students gain a year's worth of growth for a year of time at school. So, it’s time to focus on what works best.

    What works best is using the right approach at the right time and by doing this you can design literacy learning experiences that maximise student learning. Discussions, readings and practical experiences related to literacy all contribute to deepening participant understanding.

    This session includes Visible Learning research, its connections to surface, deep, and transfer learning as it relates to literacy, and the most impactful approaches to use in each stage of learning.

    During this workshop participants will:

    • Discover the evidence informed literacy practices that can accelerate student learning.
    • Learn more about the 3 phases of learning—surface, deep, and transfer
    • Explore which literacy strategies work best for each phase of learning
    • Discover how to measure your impact on student learning
    • Explore how complexity and difficulty build fluency, stamina, and critical thinking.





    Collaborative Expertise (PLC+) - VIRTUAL

    Speakers: Doug Fisher & Sam Rodgers

    Date: May 21, 2021 - Full day | 9am - 3pm AEDT

    New in 2021 - 'HOW' in 90 min sessions with Sam Rodgers 

    • 17 June –  Analysing data & Checking for bias – 4-5.30pm
    • 24 June –  Walk throughs – 4-5.30pm
    • 29 July –  Habits of reflection  – 4-5.30pm

    Register for all four events in a bundle package or choose from any one of the events that works best for you.

    What are the components of collaborative meetings that motivate and inspire you?  Are we really moving student learning forward because we shared our knowledge and skills with others in effective and impactful ways? How do we know?  Do you make the most of this time together, or is it time you feel could be more effectively utilised?
    Collaborative Expertise is when we harness the power of individual expertise. It is when we spend time focussing on student learning in a way that, with our colleagues, deepens and strengthens our own learning and practices. 

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    Maximising learning and impact

    Maximising Learning and Impact with Foundation Day- VIRTUAL
    Choose to attend only Maximising Learning & Impact Day or create a bundle event along with Foundation Day.

    Date: Foundation Day - May 26,, 2021 | 9am - 3pm AEDT 
    Speaker: Shane Crawford

    Date: Maximising Learning & Impact - May 27, 2021 | 9am - 3pm AEDT
    Speakers: John Hattie and Sam Rodgers

    Maximising Learning and Impact:
    Why leave student success up to chance? There are deliberate practices we can implement as leaders and teachers which will make a difference to the inputs learners bring to their learning, and the skill, will and thrill as a result of learning. Organised around the DIIE framework, this symposium takes you through a process for diagnosing, determining high impact interventions, quality implementation and evaluating to accelerate the impact your teaching has on student learning.

    Attend this symposium to:
    • Hear about the most current research on what works best to accelerate student learning
    • Discover how well you cater for each aspect of the skill, will (dispositions) and thrill (motivation) of learning
    • Take a deep dive into the four stages of the DIIE model: Diagnosis and Discovery, Intervention, Implementation, and Evaluation
    • Hear best practices in action and examples from schools and classrooms around the world
    Walk away with practical ideas, strategies and resources to help maximise learning and impact.

    Foundation Day provides an overview of Visible Learning. Participants will identify and discuss the most important messages from the Visible Learning research and know the difference between the influences that 'do' and 'do not' make a significant difference to student progress and achievement. Explore the mindframes which can have a major impact on student learning and be introduced to the 5 Visible Learning strands:
    1. Visible Learner
    2. Know Thy Impact
    3. Visible Teaching & Leading
    4. Effective Feedback
    5. Visible Learning School



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