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At a Corwin event, expect a quality professional learning and development experience and tools that you can bring back to your school. You’ll meet fellow educators who share your concerns, passion, and commitment to improving teaching and learning. You’ll exchange ideas with the top experts in the field. No matter what event you choose to attend, you’ll walk away with new strategies, ideas, and a larger network of like-minded individuals.


Upcoming Corwin Events 



Student Voice - The Key to Unlocking Schools Potential

When:    February 11-15, 2019
Where:   Melbourne | Sydney | South Brisbane

Dr. Quaglia will address the triumphs and tribulations of student voice. The day will be interactive and engaging, with built in reflection time, hands on collaborative challenges, instructional and leadership strategies, and time to develop personal and organizational action steps.

The full-day session will address common themes such as: 
1. The design of schools and how they are structured in order to provide the best learning environment possible for student voice to flourish.
2. The importance of communication, trust and collaboration between and among students and staff that fosters the most productive teaching and learning environment
3. The impact student voice has on the personal, social and academic development of students and staff. 

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Maximising Learning and Impact
Influences that matter the most to Student Learning


When:    March 25 & 26 | March 28 & 29, 2019
Where:   Brisbane | Sydney 

If your goal is to understand how to further maximise the impact you are having on student learning, this Symposium is for you. Designed for school leaders and teachers, this day is about:

  • Developing a culture of impact
  • The characteristics and actions of educators who are evaluators
  • The importance of developing the skill, will and thrill of learners and learning
  • The latest research on instructional strategies that considerably accelerate student learning
  • Practices you can implement to know, understand and maximise your impact.

You will be immersed in the latest key messages from the research that identify the importance of ensuring we focus our time, energy and resources on those areas that have been identified as having a considerable impact on student learning.

Foundation Day
The Foundation day seminar supports participants to identify what has the greatest impact on student achievement and develops capacity to understand the key messages of the Visible Learning research. This research makes us stop and think about the vast amount we already do know and take stock about what really does make the difference to student learning. The seminar provides practical activities and take-away tools.

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