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7 Mindshifts for School Leaders

7 Mindshifts for School Leaders
Finding New Ways to Think About Old Problems

First Edition

Foreword by Joe Sanfelippo

October 2022 | 160 pages | Corwin

With the right approach, no problem is unsolvable.

How do you approach and solve problems in education that have been around so long that they just feel…normal? Perpetual issues—numeracy, reading ability, equity, grading, and teacher retention—are often continually managed, but not solved like the crises they are for future sustainability.

This innovative guide introduces seven mindshifts that will help you engage with your community, access diverse resources, embrace radical new ideas, create equity, and chart a course of school improvement to solve those “unsolvable issues” so that your students and teachers learn and grow. Features include

  • Seven adaptable models—one per mindshift—for finding your own solutions to perennial problems
  • Stories highlighting the successful implementation of each mindshift
  • Discussions to help you match mindshifts to particular problems
  • Technical tips and reflection questions

Persistent problems in education can only be solved if we approach them as the crises that they are. This book gives you the tools you need to become a new kind of school leader—one empowered to not just deal with the outcomes of perennial complex issues, but extinguish them altogether so that your students can thrive.

Preface: From Flawed Thinking to New Mental Shifts
Introduction: Finding New Ways to Think About Old Problems
Mental Shift #1: Leading with a Crisis Mindset
Mental Shift #2: Leading with a Battleground Mentality
Mental Shift #3: Leading With a Beginner’s Mind
Mental Shift #4: Leading with an Octopus Approach
Mental Shift #5: Leading with a Disciplined Tunnel Vision
Mental Shift #6: Leading with a Yes, And Attitude
Mental Shift #7: Leading with a Go With What Is Known Response
Conclusion: Leading to Maximize Disruption

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