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10 Mindframes for Leaders

10 Mindframes for Leaders
The VISIBLE LEARNING(R) Approach to School Success

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June 2020 | 184 pages | Corwin
Introduction - John Hattie and Raymond Smith
Chapter 1: I am an evaluator of my impact on teacher/student learning - Janet Clinton
Chapter 2: I see assessment as informing my impact and next steps - Dylan Wiliam
Chapter 3: I collaborate with my peers and my teachers about my conceptions of progress and my impact - Jenni Donohoo
Chapter 4: I am a change agent and believe all teachers/students can improve - Michael Fullan
Chapter 5: I strive for challenge rather than merely ‘doing my best’ - Zaretta Hammond
Chapter 6: I give and help students/teachers understand feedback and I interpret and act on feedback given to me - Peter DeWitt
Chapter 7: I engage as much in dialogue as in monologue - Doug Fisher, Nancy Frey, and Dominique Smith
Chapter 8: I explicitly inform teachers/students what successful impact looks like from the outset - Laura Link
Chapter 9: I build relationships and trust so that learning can occur in a place where it is safe to make mistakes and learn from others - Sugata Mitra
Chapter 10: I focus on learning and the language of learning - Jim Knight
Conclusion - John Hattie and Raymond Smith

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