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A Little Guide for Teachers: Supporting Behaviour in the Classroom - Book Cover

A Little Guide for Teachers: Supporting Behaviour in the Classroom

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  • Grade Level: PreK-12
  • ISBN: 9781529718553
  • Published By: SAGE Publications Ltd
  • Series: A Little Guide for Teachers
  • Year: 2021
  • Page Count: 88
  • Publication date: January 07, 2021

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Little Guide for Teachers: Supporting Behaviour in the Classroom inspires you to rethink how you manage behaviour. Using the authors’ tried and tested approach, this book encourages you to manage mood as a preventative strategy for disruptive behaviour.

The Little Guide for Teachers series is little in size but BIG on all the support and inspiration you need to navigate your day to day life as a teacher.

· Authored by experts in the field

· Easy to dip in-and-out of

· Interactive activities encourage you to write into the book and make it your own

· Fun engaging illustrations throughout

· Read in an afternoon or take as long as you like with it!



Fintan O'Regan photo

Fintan O'Regan

Fintan O'Regan is currently a Behaviour and Learning Consultant and Trainer nationally and internationally. He is an associate lecturer for Leicester University, the National Association of Special Needs, the Institute of Education, the Helen Arkell Dyslexia Centre and the former Vice Chairman of the UK ADHD Network.

He was formerly the Head teacher of the Centre Academy from 1996 -2002, which was the first International specialist school in the UK for students between the ages of 7-19 specialising issues related to learning behaviours.

He now works as trainer and consultant for schools and school support systems including, Social Services, Health, the Police and Foster carers with regards to providing behaviour management strategies for children and families struggling with SEND and behaviour issues. He has written a number of books and published articles on the subject of Learning, Behaviour and Socialisation issues.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: What does Behaviour mean to you?

Chapter 2: How can I manage the mood?

Chapter 3: Structure

Chapter 4: Flexibility

Chapter 5: The 3 Rs


For Instructors

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