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Every Math Learner, Grades 6-12

A Doable Approach to Teaching With Learning Differences in Mind
By: Nanci Newman Smith

Foreword by Carol Ann Tomlinson

Nationally recognized math differentiation expert Nanci Smith debunks the myths surrounding differentiated instruction, revealing a practical approach to learning differences. Includes classroom videos and companion website.

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  • Grade Level: PreK-12
  • ISBN: 9781506340746
  • Published By: Corwin
  • Series: Corwin Mathematics Series
  • Year: 2017
  • Page Count: 352
  • Publication date: February 22, 2017

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As a secondary mathematics teacher, you know that students are different and learn differently. And yet, when students enter your classroom, you somehow must teach these unique individuals deep mathematics content using rigorous standards. The curriculum is vast and the stakes are high. Is differentiation really the answer? How can you make it work?

Nationally recognized math differentiation expert Nanci Smith debunks the myths, revealing what differentiation is and isn’t. In this engaging book Smith reveals a practical approach to teaching for real learning differences. You’ll gain insights into an achievable, daily differentiation process for ALL students.

Theory-lite and practice-heavy, this book shows how to maintain order and sanity while helping your students know, understand, and even enjoy doing mathematics. Classroom videos, teacher vignettes, ready-to-go lesson ideas and rich mathematics examples help you build a manageable framework of engaging, sense-making math.

Busy secondary mathematics teachers, coaches, and teacher teams will learn to

  • Provide practical structures for assessing how each of your students learns and processes mathematics concepts
  • Design, implement, manage, and formatively assess and respond to learning in a differentiated classroom
  • Plan specific, standards-aligned differentiated lessons, activities, and assessments
  • Adjust current instructional materials and program resources to better meet students' needs

This book includes classroom videos, in-depth student work samples, student surveys, templates, before-and-after lesson demonstrations, examples of 5-day sequenced lessons, and a robust companion website with downloadables of all the tools in the books plus other resources for further planning. Every Math Learner, Grades 6-12 will help you know and understand your students as learners for daily differentiation that accelerates their mathematics comprehension.

“This book is an excellent resource for teachers and administrators alike. It clearly explains key tenants of effective differentiation and through an interactive approach offers numerous practical examples of secondary mathematics differentiation. This book is a must read for any educator looking to reach all students.”
—Brad Weinhold, Ed.D., Assistant Principal, Overland High School


Nanci Newman Smith photo

Nanci Newman Smith

Nanci Smith, founder of Effective Classrooms Educational Consulting (E2C2), is currently a full-time consultant in the areas of differentiated instruction, curriculum, Common Core State Standards, and mathematics. Also ASCD faculty in the differentiated instruction cadre, and a Solution Tree consultant and author on two books in press, Nanci has provided professional development in small, large, urban, rural, and suburban districts in 47 states, as well as the Netherlands, Singapore, and Japan. She has presented at conferences and institutes in Southeast Asia, Europe, and the Middle East, and has helped develop high-quality curriculum in the Philippines. Smith is the math consultant and author of the User's Guide for ASCD's Meaningful Math: Leading Students Toward Understanding and Application DVD series and has developed a CD/DVD-based professional development series for middle school math teachers. Her classroom was featured in ASCD's video series At Work in the Differentiated Classroom. She authored a chapter in the ASCD book Differentiation in Practice, Grades 5 - 9, as well as assorted lessons in other ASCD books on differentiation.
Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Video Contents

Foreword by Carol Ann Tomlinson



About the Author

CHAPTER 1. START UP: Why Knowing and Addressing Students’ Learning Differences Is Critical


What Differentiation Is and Is Not

A Glance at a Differentiated Classroom


Frequently Asked Questions

Keepsakes and Plans

CHAPTER 2. FIND OUT: Strategies for Determining Who Each of Your Students Is as a Mathematics Learner

Who Our Learners Are

Strategies to Determine Readiness

Strategies to Determine Interest

Strategies to Determine Learning Profile


Frequently Asked Questions

Keepsakes and Plans

CHAPTER 3. TEACH UP: Making Sense of Rigorous Mathematical Content

Mathematics Makes Sense

Themes and Big Ideas in Mathematics

Teaching Up

What Learning Mathematics With Understanding Looks Like


Frequently Asked Questions

Keepsakes and Plans

CHAPTER 4. STEP UP: How to Make Proactive Planning Decisions That Deepen Thinking

Decisions, Decisions

Differentiation and KUDs

Strategies for Differentiation

Classroom Structures


Frequently Asked Questions

Keepsakes and Plans

CHAPTER 5. SET IT UP: Establishing the Right Tone to Make Differentiation Doable

A Healthy Learning Environment

Embracing Fair

Everybody Learns


Frequently Asked Questions

Keepsakes and Plans

CHAPTER 6. POWER ON: Mastering and Modeling Daily Routines for Achievement All Year

Classroom Routines


Frequently Asked Questions

Keepsakes and Plans

CHAPTER 7. STEP BACK: Tools for Assessing and Evaluating in a Differentiated Classroom

Assessment For, Of, and As Learning

Principles to Develop Assessments

Designing Effective Assessments


Frequently Asked Questions

Keepsakes and Plans

CHAPTER 8. CLOSE UP: A Week in the Life of a Differentiated Mathematics Classroom

A Look Into a Week in a Middle School Classroom

A Look Into a Week in a High School Classroom

Advice From the Field


Appendix A: Further Reading on the Topic of English Language Learners

Appendix B: Further Reading on the Topic of Special Education

Appendix C: Further Reading on the Topic of Rich Problems and Mathematical Discourse





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