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Visible Learning for Literacy

Visible Learning for Literacy

High-impact literacy practices to accelerate student learning

Discover the evidence informed literacy practices that can accelerate student learning.

Bring one of our Educational Consultants to your school and learn how, by using the right approach at the right time, you can design classroom experiences that maximise student learning.

This Series is designed to:

  • Learn more about the 3 phases of learning—surface, deep, and transfer
  • Explore which literacy strategies work best for each phase of learning
  • Discover how to measure your impact on student learning
  • Discover how complexity and difficulty build fluency, stamina, and critical thinking

Partner with us and tailor your learning experiences to meet your contextual needs.

If you would like our Education Improvement Advisors to be in touch with you to discuss your learning pathway, CLICK HERE


A variety of short-term professional learing events and resources to explore the content.

One year partnership with a tailored sequence of learning opportunities and job embedded learning. 

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Multi-year partnership for deep implementation and impact. Use your school evidence to evaluate and improve learning, teaching and leading through cycles of impact. Supported by professional learning that moves research to practice including evaluation tools, online courses, workshops, coaching and more! 

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